What is the Difference between Purified Water and Bottled Mineral Water?


The driving force of all nature and its beings – water, is one thing that cannot be substituted. We have dozens of replacements lined up for a certain type of food, be it in the category of fruits, vegetables or grains, but none for water. 

A lot of drinkables are available in the market, be it soft drinks, slushes, milkshakes, etc, but we all know that the thirst for water can solely be fulfilled by water and water only, period.

Now, we have also noticed the change in the taste of water from place to place and from home to home. Why is this the case? What makes it different?

This cannot be determined by one single factor. It is a lot of factors, which when put together constitute the taste of the water. 

Some of them are:

  • The source of water supply in the area
  • The type of filtration processes it has gone through
  • Added minerals 
  • The level of TDS

A lot of the above-stated factors can be taken care of by installing the best water purifier in India for home, but to know about the basic causes of contamination or change in the taste of water, let’s discuss their types.

Differential Types:

There are basically three types of water, justified on their level of purification:

  • Distilled Water

As the name suggests, the water is made to go through the process of distillation for it to become pure and potable. 

This process although rips off the water of all its minerals, which makes it not-so-healthy for drinking. Some of the best purifiers for home use provide the best type of purification. 

However, this type of water is only good for the short term usage, it cannot be stored for long. And since its devoid of all the impurities, it is great for detoxifying purposes. 

It is mainly used in desert regions where natural water sources are low and salt-water is converted into pure water to meet the requirements of consumption.

  • Purified Water

Purified water is any water that is obtained or extracted from any source and undergoes purification or filtration processes.

The type of purification process may vary from reverse osmosis to hard water filtration to chemical filtration, ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, and mineral additives. 

The purified water with minerals is healthier and naturally tastes better. 

A lot of best water purifiers in India 2020 fall in this category as they carry out one or more purification processes stated above in combination, to provide ultra-pure and healthy drinking water right at home. 

  • Mineral Water

We always regard mineral water as something very precious. All the famous personalities and people seem to be advertising and using mineral water. 

But is it worth that hype?

Actually, when analyzed, it is really better than both the other types of water. 

When we talk about its source, it comes from a natural one, more specifically, from the springs and contains the traces of essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium naturally which enhances health. Even the best purifier in India cannot compare to the authentic taste and quality that this type of naturally enriched water provides. 

This type of water does not go any chemical purification process but is naturally filtered using hard-strains of stones of different sizes to remove unwanted contaminants from it. 

Distilled vs Purified vs Mineral Water

Now that we have compared the basic difference between different types of water, let’s try to discriminate them even more minutely to figure out the best option.

Distilled water is said to be the purest form of water but no one said it was the healthiest. 

While the distilled water is free of contaminants like bacteria and pesticides which can prove to be beneficial for people with weakened immune systems, it also is devoid of the electrolytes and natural minerals usually found in water. 

This decreased level of essential micronutrients can although lead to a negative health impact including an increased risk of the diseases of heart, fracture and preterm birth.

Household treatment units such as the best water purifiers for home can help you ward off these potential risks. 

Purified water with a good mineralizer system can help combat both the issues as it not only just purifies water to make it potable but also adds essential minerals to it for growth and health.

They utilize the process of advanced filtration like reverse osmosis in combination with ultraviolet and ultrafiltration to purify the water. Since water can be from varied sources like fountains, springs or municipal storage, they need to be treated for consumption purposes.

And if you are the one who prefers absolutely pure water or if you are allergic to minerals or added chemicals, pure water might be something you want to consider.

It might be a little upside on the cost, but it is absolutely worth it.

Summing Up:

Making a safe choice is the ultimate quest for life and death in this case. To ward off any further perplexities and confusions, you can check out our meticulously analyzed list of top 10 water purifiers at the review king, K2 Appliances.