What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Corporate Gifts For Clients

A recent Forbes article exposes what Hollywood Oscars can instruct regarding corporate gifts for clients. The Oscars are a great way to show appreciation for the actors or actresses amazing talent within their specific genre. When a nomination is received by the thespian they have been selected to be the potential best at their craft.

Obtaining a nomination is one thing, but winning the coveted golden statue memento lets the world know not only are they the best, but it also shows appreciation for the work that they have contributed. The nominees that do not win will come into possession of what could be thought of as a “swag” bag.

These handouts have an amazing value of over $125,000. One of the enclosed items in the bag is a trip through Canada worth over $14,000. This sounds exciting except these giveaways are really used for publicity and marketing and do not show appreciation for the actor or actress’s work. Many of these “gifts” most likely will go unused and will be regifted to friends and family.

Everyone including actors and actresses wants to be shown appreciation every once in a while. This is the pinnacle of understanding when it comes to giving corporate gifts for clients. Business relationships must be nurtured not just when they start but throughout the entire life of the union.

Customer appreciation does not have to be an expensive “swag” bag worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can be as simple as saying thank you with a note or a good old-fashioned phone call. Sometimes an upscale gift is appropriate, however, simplicity is always a great way to start.

Gifts for clients should create what is called an “after experience”. This concept creates a loyal customer who is willing to share their experience everywhere they go, with everyone they meet. Creating an “after experience” for the client will mean that the gift is unexpected, creates a feeling of being appreciated while being very memorable.

Corporate gifts for clients should be personal. The client’s favorites should be carefully thought-out before making a selection. Those stack of Starbucks cards that are kept on hand is appropriate as a gift if the client enjoys Starbucks coffee. This will not work for the client who prefers something else. Being honest means giving true thought about what the customer will enjoy.

At the Oscars, it was all about a display of different marketing messages to nominees. Clients who receive a “gift” with a logo on it will probably be likely to regift, just like the Oscar nominees did. A client that receives a personalized gift, however, will experience the “after experience” effect.

A great example of a gift is a great quality one is one that is engraved with the client’s name and perhaps a personalized message etching that thanks to the client. Keep it creative, keep it personal and consider client favorites. Hopefully, this will create a unique message that will have them talking way after the gift is received.

In the business world, there are many customer types. Two common types are internal and external customers. Both customer types are very important. So far external customers have been considered regarding corporate gifts. These are the customers that create a business relationship.

Internal customers are employees and fellow key persons within the company. It is important to show appreciation for displaying excellence with the organization. The same rules apply when considering corporate gifts.

Hollywood has taught us what not to do by using “gifts” as a catalyst for marketing and sales. A great gift creates a solid approach that nurtures a business relationship. This will create a “buzz” with a positive word of mouth mention.