What Does a Physically or Mentally Challenged Child Need?

SSI benefits for children with severe disabilities such as blindness may be available as early as birth. It is essential to determine if your child is eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits as they may need extra services and assistance. The money provided for this disability can make the difference between affording additional help or not.  Keep on reading to find out what a disabled child may need.

Cognitive Needs

When a child is blind or has other disabilities, they may require physical or occupational therapy. This Cognitive Needs will be necessary to learn strategies to compensate for however their disabilities affect them. It may also be required to train their other senses to adapt to whatever environment. Children with disabilities must get this extra help, or they may fall behind developmentally.

Adaptive Needs

Adaptive Needs mean that focused training, tools, or even toys may be used to train disabled children to live in the world around them. Adaptive Needs will include their primary residence and how to function in public situations that may not cater to their disability. Addressing adaptive needs should start as early as possible in their disability to address mobility, spatial awareness, and body awareness.

Communication Needs

Communication needs should be addressed as well. For instance, if the disability the child suffers from is visually impaired, the child will need to learn how to recognize different voices. A visually impaired child will not be able to draw conclusions from body language or facial expressions; instead, they will need to learn to listen to voice and inflection changes.

When the disability occurs at birth, communication needs will have to be addressed right away. It will be necessary for the baby to have a nurturing relationship with their primary caretaker right away. This caretaker will need to be taught to describe the activities they are doing. A verbal description will substitute the sight of the action. It is not only the disabled child who needs SSI Benefits for children. The caretakers will also need training and education to love, nurture and raise this child properly.

Emotional or Social Needs

Finally, a child with disabilities will need help with their emotional and social needs. The parents or caretakers will also need assistance inappropriately interacting with the child from the onset of the disability through adulthood. The child will require early age exposure to daily living skills such as using the toilet, bathing, eating, and dressing themselves.

Applying For Benefits

It is essential to understand the guidelines in the state in which you live and apply for SSI benefits for children as soon as possible. Obtaining and being able to use these benefits will directly affect your child’s quality of life, your ability to communicate and develop a meaningful relationship with your child as well, as everyone obtaining all the education and assistance needed. Please do not hesitate to take the help that your child needs.