What are the Red Flags in PGs?


Okay you always think about the things that you want right? You are always forcing your wishes when you look for a pg in a city. But have you ever focussed on the things that you don’t want in a pg or the things that are not suitable for a pg to have for you? Come on, there are always red flags if you look into the options in a careful manner.

Whether Pg in kharadi pune or in any other place or city; you can find the best and the worst pgs. And the good news is that the quality of the pg you choose depends totally on your decision and the way you take your decision. Following are a few important things that you should take into consideration. You have to be careful about these ‘red flags’ when looking for a PG.

Lenient Owners 

Well, many of you might be thinking it is so cool to stay in a pg that has lenient pg owners. But you don’t realise that can be a dangerous thing for you. You have to be careful about what you choose and why. If the owners are absolutely lenient and they have no say or they don’t like registered too; it might be a red flag. What is the point if they take up bad or crime minded people to stay in the pg? Such at thing would be risky for you. The point is if you want to find out whether the pg owners are good or not; you would find out by the way they speak, the things they ask you about and if they check your identity proof and so on. 

Is it a lonely place?

Often the pgs in the lonely places attract the paying guests by giving away exciting facilities on amazing rates. Such a thing is no less than a lure. You have to be careful about what you should see and why. Lonely place is always a red flag. You know what maybe you think that you are a strong man and you can deal with anything but that is not the point. What if you are coming from office at night and robbers rob you on the way? What if you fall down and there is no body on the way to help you or assist you? These are the things that do matter and you have to be sure about them. You have to look for a pg that is in a good place or at least in an area that is filled with people. And it would be good if you also look for only such Areas that have less or low crime rate.


So, pg in kharadi, in the suburbs or in any other place; you can be sure about what you want and why. You have to be careful about these red flags and you would definitely end up with the finest choice for you. After all, you are going to stay in that space for months, years or even longer!