Want Your Business to Strive During the Winter Holidays? Here are The best SEO Strategies You Should Know


Gift giving, food, and music sharing are just some of the things people will be getting into this festive season, and if you want your business to remain relevant and to strive during this period, you should consider using the following successful strategies to beat the competition.

Design Your Site According to The Season

The aesthetic allure of your website is the number one thing you should get to. How your site looks, in terms of color, design, and style, must send a message to your visitor that you are ready to cater to their needs – a product or service. With that said, you must then design your website following the festivities. For example, go for red, gold, and green to commemorate Christmas. Consider also featuring imagery such as Christmas trees, candy canes, wrapped gifts, and Santa. Anything to sell the season, do it.

Use Custom-Made Seasonal Campaigns

The last quarter of the month has quite a few traditions that businesses have adapted over the years. They have the purpose to clear the stocks as the year comes to an end. Unquestionably, no one wants to see the same old things they saw last year brought forth to a new year. We all want newer, fresher products. And that is why you will see crazy deals such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to mention a few. And you must not be left behind with these trends. People will come running if you decide to sell your product at half price. You will be surprised of the sales you make in that one month. And it will clear your stock faster in half the time you have put aside. With that said, you get to have less dead stock and more sales. So when you come across a marketing trend, jump on it.

Give Discounted Deals

Well, besides the worldwide trends, you can go for your custom-made discounts. For instance, offer a promo code for every product or service bought. That means that when they come to pay, they use that code and the discount is applied immediately. The best thing about such tailor-made discounts is that your customers will always come back to you since you are the only one with such a service. That way, they are even confident to refer you to others.

Start Early

Truth be told, SEO strategies do not magically become successful overnight, but they take time. And for that reason, companies like iAgency.ro advise you to start early. You do not want to have a genius holiday strategy that bears fruits a little too late, so to beat the competition, start early. Of course, sometimes it’s better late than never, so you can start now! If you took this decision, you have to be pretty aggressive.

Good luck and happy Holidays!