Wait until you answer these 4 questions before upgrading your phone


There seems to be no end to how many smartphones are being released to the public. Big brands like Apple and Samsung reveal new tech gadget products every year during high-production conventions and reveals. People are bombarded with new features – iris scanners, flip screens, higher quality cameras – that it makes one always wonder if it’s time to buy the latest model. Are they worth their expensive price tags, or is it better to go to a trusted phone repair store in Layton? You can ask yourself these four questions to help in deciding if you’re due for an upgrade.


  1. What do I use my phone for?

Like any gadget, it’s wise to be clear what activities you’ll be using your phone for. Are you an Instagram aficionado where beautiful crisp photos are a must to maintain your feed aesthetics? Or are you a self-proclaimed doodler where a Bluetooth stylus pen would come in handy for on the go sketches? Do you surf the web regularly that a dual-screen phone would help you multitask? Everyone has their reasons for choosing what kind of phone can better support needs. Knowing your phone requirements can help you focus on the type of features that are non-negotiable and avoid getting distracted with the latest shiny new thing.

  1. Is my phone still working?

Your phone might slow down a bit and sport a few small cracks with constant use. Software updates can also put your phone’s processor into overdrive. But it will be cheaper to do some housekeeping or a reset of a smartphone than buy a new one. Consider the following areas:

  • Are there any hardware damages that affect its performance?
  • Can your phone handle your mobile activities without freezing or slowing down?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of the pictures your phone takes?
  • Does your phone support the latest version of its compatible operating system?
  • Is your phone’s charging time acceptable?

A phone repair store can do a diagnostic test and take care of those minor hassles for you. The Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) also wrote a guide on ways to keep your old phone running like new.

  1. Do I have the budget for a new phone?

If you’re itching to have one of the flagship smartphones available on the market, you must be prepared to part ways with at least $800. Carriers do have financing options available, but that’s still around $30 to $50 more on your monthly bill. The cycle continues with the never-ending gadget releases. One must be clear what should be prioritized in terms of budget. That extra money can be used for other worthwhile activities like a fun family trip in Adams Canyon or an advanced payment to your student loan. There will always be phones coming out every year.

  1. Is the new model better than the old one?

Innovation in mobile devices is slowing down, showing incremental changes from one model to another. Existing features already exceed our expectations, and sometimes users don’t even maximize them to their full potential. Think back to when you bought your current phone. What feature caught your eye? Months down the line, are you making use of that feature to make your life easier?

With constant upgrades and innovations, it’s only natural we’ve hit a plateau. It isn’t the same as the old days where new features mean a new way of using our phones. If you’re still happy with your phone, you might want to consider keeping it until features bragged by all those science fiction movies become a reality.