Visit a beach of your choice and fill your holidays with fun


Holidays, who doesn’t love them, since they give you a chance to take a respite from the humdrum of mundane lifestyle? Though there are many tourist destinations around the world but most of the people love to visit places which are closer to the beach. In South America, there are many captivating beaches which will make your holiday into an unforgettable journey. At Travelazzi you will find more information about the things you can do in there and how can you make your holiday large.

Different types of beaches which you can visit


Jericoacoara is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and it is famous for spectacular sunset. Here you can click some of the most amazing and romantic pictures with the love of your life and feel blessed in the tranquil surroundings. Those who love adventurous sports can acquire the facility of surfing and there are various lagoons at the beach which are suited for swimming and other recreational activities.

Punta Sal

The total length of this beach is around 6.5 kilometers and it provides ideal weather to tourists throughout the year. One can have a look at the local village and can even buy souvenirs from art and craft shops. If you are a nature loving person, this beach in Peru is considered as ideal since it has thick forest with lush vegetation and numerous exotic birds.

Playa Blanca

One can access the beach from Cartagena through a boat ride, the beach is situated at Isla Baru and boasts shiny weather around the year. If you love to taste local cuisines and drinks then this is the best place to be since there are many restaurants and bars at this beach. This beach is famous for beautiful coves and tranquility, where you can relax and take a sun bath. 


This beach in Ecuador is famous for panoramic views and ideal for long walks since it is 17 kilometers in length. If you are novice in surfing then it is the best place to be and you can even rent a boat and go for a party in the ocean during the day time which will give you an opportunity to explore the place through a completely different vantage point.


Choroni beach is famous for calm waters which are ideal for swimming. Choroni beach is surrounded by lush mountain ranges where you can have a look at local flora and fauna. Furthermore, there are numerous palm trees alongside the beach under which you can sit back, relax and can have couple of drinks with your loved ones.

Mar del Plata

One of the best features of this beach is its location, the city is build around this beach and you get an opportunity to visit various historical and natural locations with great deal of ease. On the beach, there are various facilities to acquire as sun lounging as well as beach sports. Due to nearness from the city you also get to access various hotels as per your travel budget. These hotels are only a couple of kilometers away from the beach.