Various types of Water Tanks

Purpose of Tanks

Basically, tanks are meant to store various kinds of fluids that include mostly water and chemicals for residential, commercial, agriculture or industrial use. More often than not, water tanks are used as containers for storage of water for use for drinking purposes, domestic use such as cooking, bathing, washing and for sanitary purposes.

Water stored in water tanks is also useful in agricultural farming for plants, crops and livestock. Other important purposes of water tanks, besides various others, can be for use in extinguishing or suppression of fire, food processing and chemical manufacturing and industrial units.   

Types of water tanks

Depending on the usage purpose and location; various kinds of water tanks, made from several types of materials, are there in various shapes and sizes.

Usually water tanks are either Underground or Elevated tanks and can be:

  • Round Poly Water Tanks

  • Slimline Poly Water Tanks

  • Underground Water Tanks 

  • Underdeck Water Tanks

Materials used for water tanks

The five most common rain water tank materials are: 

  • Plastic – These water tanks are made from Polythene and called Poly Tanks and are relatively immune to damage from salty water. Poly tanks slowly degrade over time with exposure to the sun; despite having UV inhibitors added to the plastic but can be recycled.
  • Sheet Steel or Carbon Welded Steel – These water tanks can be Aqua plated or Galvanized and are consist of thin sheet steel with a color coating on the outside and a waterproof coating on the inside that provide corrosion resistance. 

Galvanized tanks are similar to Sheet Steel but with steel coated on both sides with zinc to prevent corrosion. 

These galvanized water tanks can also have a long life, provided the water is not too corrosive and hence not suitable for bore water unless water neutralizer like limestone is added to the tank periodically.

  • Stainless Steel: These are generally smaller modular water tanks made from highly robust and durable corrugated stainless steel.

Stainless steel water tanks may be bit more expensive but have various built-in advantages.  Being corrosion resistant, these water tanks do not require additional coating treatment and are easy to repair with welding or waterproof sealants.

  • Concrete: These water tanks are durable and ideally suitable for underground water storage. Concrete water tanks are difficult to repair effectively beyond a certain level of damage. 
  • Fiberglass or Ground Fiberglass: Water tanks made from fiberglass are sturdy, robust and quite impact resistant and if required can be repaired easily. 

Fiberglass tanks are made from polyester resin and small amounts of some substances that work as catalyst to make resin set. Therefore, to make a fiberglass water tank potable, a special flexible and food-grade coating is given inside the tank.

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