Trying to get paid for social media posts? You need to think of it as a business!

get paid for social media posts

Top influencers are earning millions of dollars each year, so it only makes sense that a lot of people are trying to get paid for social media posts. If you think this is easy money, it’s actually not. All the online earnings of influencers and content creators come from hard work and dedication. The great news is that everyone can start their content creation career if they have a hobby, a passion or something a bit different to show.

Planning to get paid for social media posts actually means that you are thinking of using a fan app to your advantage. Fan apps are trending right now because they offer a different type of revenue: subscription revenue. How is this different from a regular revenue? Well, there are two things that work to your advantage: recurring payments and the importance of customer retention. Every fan app is based on the subscription revenue model. That’s why platforms like are gaining so much popularity these days. No matter what field of activity you choose (Modeling, Fitness, Health, Cooking, Gaming, How-to etc.), you’ll want to be sure that you are providing continuing value to your followers so they continue to subscribe to your channel.

In order to actually get paid for social media posts, you need to think of this as a classic business. From this point of view, if you opt for a subscription-based type of business, you must take into account the fact that you could need to sell your services at a lower cost than you would if the customers were going to buy everything all at once. This means that you should be patient in order for your business to pay off. It takes time to earn a profit, but if you manage to earn the fidelity of your followers, this has the potential of becoming a very lucrative relationship. The advantage you have over a regular revenue type of business is that with the classic business, the customer can buy a product and you might not see them again for a long time, if ever.

get paid for social media posts

Subscription-based apps offer you the possibility to build a community, to earn trust and to engage your followers throug different functions of the platform. For example, offers paid DM’s, PPV messages, and video calls. This way, you’ll be able to tighten the bond you have with your followers and not only get paid for social media posts, but enjoy extra revenue from your interactions with the audience.

Setting your goals can help you set the base for your business

If you want to get paid for social media posts, you have to have a plan. This may be a goal in itself, but you definitely need to make a list of objectives in order to reach the final goal. You can plan on hitting a specific revenue in a certain timeframe or reaching a specific number of subscriptions. This will help you target the right audience and set the right subsciption price. Although fan apps usually let you choose a price between $5 and $50 per month, finding the right balance might be dificult.

That’s why you need to set both short-term alnd long-term goals. The sort-term goals help you stay on track so you can achieve the long-term ones. If you don’t already have a fan app creator account, join today! You’ll have a vanity link to help you with the marketing. If you don’t know what that is, check out Roxigrr‘s profile!