Top Things to do on the Gold Coast

Make the most of your trip to Queensland and discover the best activities and some top RedBalloon activities in the Gold Coast.

Australian Outback Spectacular

A live show with a three-course meal to go with it might be something you’ve experienced before, but not like the Outback Spectacular. Enjoy a pre-show beer or two at Bazza’s Bar before heading inside to watch skilled performers work with cattle dogs, horses, and birds as they tell a dramatic story across the stage.

SkyPoint is the Q1 Building

SkyPoint has Australia’s only beach-side observation deck for simply stunning views. The 360° deck lets you take in the sea, the city, and the hinterlands all together. If that isn’t exciting enough for you, you can climb to the very top of the tower to come face to face with the amazing views of the Gold Coast. The observation deck and tower climb are some of the best activities on the Gold Coast if you love taking in the scenery.

GC Aqua Park

One of the best activities on the Gold Coast if you love to spend some time playing around in the water is a visit to the Gold Coast Aqua Park. The park is an inflatable, climbable adventure. All the structures are soft and won’t hurt when you fall on them, like a jumping castle, so the park is perfect for visitors of various ages. Children as young as five can enter the park, so long as they’re accompanied by a responsible person. Have fun with family and friends, just remember your sunscreen!

Glow Worms

Book yourself a tour through caves covered in bioluminescent creatures. Follow your expert tour guide and step into an alien world. Take in the natural charm of the Springbrook National Park, subtropical rainforest with towering trees and cascading waterfalls. Just remember to turn off your torch before you step into the glow worms’ home so that you don’t spook them.


The markets are some of the best activities on the Gold Coast. There is plenty to check out, so consider planning which markets are must-see for you. There’s the Miami Marketta, the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, the Sanctuary Markets, the Carrara Markets, the Burleigh Village Markets, and plenty more.

Local bars and restaurants

One of the best activities on the Gold Coast is to visit the city’s many bars and restaurants. The seaside city is full of rooftop bars, so you can enjoy the scenery as you enjoy a cocktail. You could also wander along the streets and find a hidden gem of an eatery in a chic, trendy alley. Make a night of it and visit as many of the local hotspots as you can—plan out a route or wander around and pop into whichever spot interests you.