Top Beauty Apps on 9aaps


Selfie is the new rage for this generation. People all over the globe are buying expensive phones and phones with the selfie feature just so they can click and upload great selfies. With this growing market, people have become more and more conscious of how they look and want to be in their best when they put up pictures. Now, as a matter of fact no human is perfect and so therefore, not all pictures you click would come out just as you wanted, but, wait that is possible with the app industry, which is flooded with several beauty apps. With 9apps download one of the best available beauty apps and make each picture perfect.

Some of the best 9apps beauty apps are:


  • You Beauty Makeup: InstaSelfie makeover camera – This fun app is available on 9apps platform for free download and gives you control over several filters and makeups that you can apply to any pictures you click. One need not worry about the eye colour, smile, height, blackheads and even looking fat, as You Beauty can deal with all of that making you look absolutely flawless. Want more from the app? you got it. This app even allows you to put makeup on, choose a lipstick of your colour and several other features. With a family of 33 million users the app is greatly enjoyed by all the age groups.
  • EmojiBackground Photo Editor– Another loved app is this one. It can make all your pictures cute by simply adding emojis, frames and stickers. With a variety of almost 1000 plus stickers, emojis and texts one is sure to find something according to the taste and picture. The app is also constantly updated with wall papers and stickers that makes the users want to come back and use them. So the next time you are looking for a beauty app for your android phone this one is just perfect.
  • Jewellery Photo editor: Jewellery for a woman is something that would instantly glam her up and add to her beauty a lot of elegance and class. Now several times you may have worn the best clothes, with the most amazing hairstyle and also have been lucky to click a perfect picture, but somehow you missed wearing jewellery. This app is just the right answer for a situation like this, the app lets you add on any jewellery of your choice to the picture making it look like your own. The best part of this app is its absolutely free under the 9apps play store.
  • Stylish Sunglasses Photo Editor: This one has made it to this list only because of its unique concept. Good pair of sunglasses can instantly glam up your look. With this app you can try on different shapes, styles and even colours of sunglasses. These sunglasses obviously make the picture more complete. It is no surprise that this app is rapidly gaining attention of the users and is being widely loved by all.


Apart from these apps there are several other apps that have been doing a great job and can be downloaded for free from the 9apps store.