Tips & Tricks: Making your Wardrobe Spring Ready


Although the weather currently leaves much to be desired (while I’m typing this, it’s snowing and hailing outside), meteorologically spring has sprung. Yay! March is the perfect time to get your wardrobes sorted and ready for the new season. Here’s a five-step guide to help you get the job done:

  1. Time to declutter

Take your time to have a serious look at the content of your closet. Are there any things that need to go for whatever reason? Get rid of them. No more making excuses! If you’ve never worn that pair of Nudie jeans, or that extra pair of Bolle sunglasses, there’s probably a good reason for it. Try to be as thorough as possible.

  1. Check your basics

I’ve said this many times before, but basics are very (if not, the most) important for any wardrobe. They should form the proverbial glue that holds your wardrobe together. Check what basics you already own, if you still wear them and ask yourself what you consider basics.

  1. Be creative

Is there anything that simply needs repairing? Now’s the time to do so. Or, is there something that’s cut out (no pun intended) for a little DIY project? Be creative! It can be anything from cutting a few inches off a pair of jeans, to giving a whole new purpose to a certain garment.

  1. Colour therapy

One of the things I always like to do at the beginning of each new season is having a look at the new colours. Although I often stick to a certain colour palette (black, navy, grey, nude, repeat!), I like to throw a different shade in the mix every now and then. It can really freshen things up and it helps coming up with new and unexpected outfit combinations.

  1. Make a wish list

Last, but definitely not least: create a wish list. Now that you know exactly what’s in your closet (and more important: what’s not) it’s time to fill in the gaps. A simple trick to make sure you’ll only buy items you absolutely love: pin them on Pinterest, wait a little while (a week, for example), and see if you still want them afterwards. I use it too and it really helps. 

How are you preparing your wardrobe for spring?