Tips to win online fish shooting games easily


    Online fish shooting games are fun to play and will also help you in earning money. The trusted sites that offer such games like TembakIkan are very popular for meaning money. Apart from these games there is also the option of slot machines which also allows you to earn a lot of money online. If earning money became as easy as just shooting fishes online then who would not want to try it. There are certain tips that you can follow to win this game easily. Here are the tips that can help you in winning the fish shooting game easily:

    Shoot the small fishes

    If you are new to the game and want to get more points usually you will target the big fishes to increase your score. But in your quest to earn points you are ignoring the small fishes and not shooting them. This will waste your bullets as well as your points. The experienced players will suggest you hit them all to increase your points. So make sure that you hit the small fishes too and do not waste much of your bullets.

    Use more bullets

    Many players have a misconception that shooting more bullets will only waste the number of bullets they have but the truth is – If you want to shoot a fish lesser number of bullets will not kill the fish so make sure you use enough bullets to kill the fish completely. If you are a beginner do not be afraid to use some extra bullets it will only increase your points.

    Use tricks 

    Even shooting fishes online need skills and some tricks that will keep you one step ahead of the other players. If you want to get the maximum points in the game you should have some tricks of your own. The way you use your bullets to shoot maximum fishes in one attempt. Once you are used to playing this game you will become an expert in earning points as well as real cash.

    Adjust your speed of shooting

    In the starting levels of the game, you will only encounter slow-moving fishes but as the level of the game goes up the speed of the fishes also increase. You have to adjust the speed of your shooting to be successful in this game. Start slow when the fishes are not moving fast and increase your speed gradually and adjust according to the speed of the fish. This will ensure less wastage of bullets.

    These are some of the tips that you can follow to win the game easily. Play this from the trusted sites like the TembakIkan and get a chance to win real cash. Make sure you follow the tips and tricks to win the game. You can also try other slot machines game to increase your chances of winning jackpot. Start playing the games and win real cash in a few hours of your free time!