Tips for Preparing Your App for Black Friday


Keep your app updated

Black Friday is the day for the eCommerce when all the merchants inaugurate the season shopping for Christmas with sales, huge discounts, and promotions. The day is hugely celebrated online and through mobile. You can update your app with new offers for the customers. There can be early access to the sale for the insiders and make the app click proof as the purchases through mobile phones are the ones which change the retailers’ color from red to black.

They need a reason to download the app

In order to motivate the users to download your app before the big day, app marketers can experiment with the app. You can try various ad campaigns to test the behavior of the users. You can retarget the customers before the final day by experimenting with a lower cost of customer acquisition. You can also start to campaign early to help the user get familiar with your app. Creation of separate campaigns for specific holidays and creative ads can be on the basis of the specific day.

Reward customer loyalty

You can build customer relationships and strengthen the community of your brand. You can reward customer loyalty by offering a referral scheme as it helps to keep you in contact. The referral scheme can offer exclusive discounts to reward loyal customers. The referral marketing ensures you develop offers for valuable customers, which helps build long-term bonds and acts as a gateway to acquire new customers.

Use push notifications

Push notifications will be in mobile app is a better chance of being seen than emails. Your customer will easily search for the offer; otherwise, their attention will move to other sales offers. It will help to generate high app engagement on the very day. These notifications are very efficient in promoting deals.

App marketing before Black Friday

There are various app marketing strategies which can enhance the app engagement on Black Friday. You can use push notifications; app purchase history can help you to segregate your customers and push only the relevant promotional offers in advance. You can use short videos on social media and also throughout the web. You can give your app a special theme look for the specific day that will attract customers.

Engage users with your app

You can engage the user with your app by flashing exclusive deals and using emojis. Emojis are great in gaining the customers’ attention towards the app and hence increase the mobile app engagement. You can include urgency strategies like out of stock messages to trigger the potential purchasers to decide to buy.

Conclusion (About storyly)

Black Friday is a big event to drive the customers to your app. You can display powerful reasons for the users to download your app. The usage of push notifications will also work wonders for marketing strategies. You can use gamification to increase customer retention and try to engage users with smart, effective ads.Check more to know more about preparing your app for black Friday.