Things you need to be aware of for a driving license in Dubai

One thing is to waver and the other is to stick to rules while driving. If you love driving then a driving license is a definite must. While obtaining a driving license is mandatory but to avail of one may seem difficult. A car licence is a must if you intend to drive on the roads of Dubai.

The procedure to apply for a driving license in Dubai

If you fall in the category of the legal age limit to avail of a license in Dubai then follow the simple steps when it comes to obtaining a driving license in Dubai

  • The theoretical test is to be passed before you proceed to practical training
  • Theory classes are conducted for you to attend and learn. The classes may be conducted online or physically at a driving school in Dubai. You can learn at these classes and pass your theory test.
  • Make it a point you register at an RTA-approved driving school in Dubai and the relevant documents are to be submitted.
  • Along with your internal assessment make sure that you complete your practical classes
  • Once you have completed the internal assessment, make sure that you complete the road and the highway classes
  • The internal parking test is to be passed so that you may apply for the RTA test.
  • Once you pass the RTA test there is the final road test that you need to clear. After clearing the test, you are entitled to ride on the roads of Dubai.
  • The final step is to obtain a UAE driving license.

A point to consider is that if you fail the first driving test, then you need to go through an additional seven classes of training before you are appearing for the test again.

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a driving licence in Dubai

For a probatory term, anyone who has completed 18 years of age is eligible for a driving license in Dubai. It is necessary that the application for a driving license has to be submitted to the RTA in Arabic. Based on these inputs RTA provides a temporary license and it needs to be carried by the citizens at all times.

The documents necessary for getting a driving license in Dubai

For a valid Dubai license, the residents of the country need ID proof. But the licensing requirements are different from the ex-pats. If you are a non-resident you need to submit the following set of documents

  • The results of your eye test
  • A valid copy of your passport along with your visa details
  • A couple of passport-sized photos
  • If asked by the relevant authority you may need to submit a no-objection certificate from your sponsor.

The details of the driving test

If you are looking to obtain a driving license you need to be aware that there are no short cuts of obtaining one. There are a few tests that you need to clear in order to obtain a driving license in Dubai. The responsibility lies with the driving school for your test preparation and registering four driving tests.

The moment you clear your driving test, more so with the yard parking exam you may proceed with the RTA tests. Be aware that you can only implement the RTA road test if you have gone on to clear the RTA theory test.

With the driving guide you will have an idea on what to expect during the course of the examinations. But one thing is for sure the driving tests are stringent and you need to be on top of your toes to clear them.