Things Everyone Needs to Know About Deep Sleep


Everybody deserves deep and uninterrupted sleep especially after a long and tiring day. Deep sleep not only makes a person mentally refreshed but is also needed for physical fitness and well-being. In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it is possible only when the environment in which the person sleeps is conducive to a restful and comfortable sleep. One important aspect of such an environment is the bed along with the mattress on which the sleeper rests. Not only does the position in which a person sleeps matter, but also the way the mattress supports the body. It has been found that a latex mattress can help a person get deep sleep by offering the afore-mentioned two features.

Understanding the Five Stages of Sleep

It has been established through various studies that a person goes through five stages of sleep. Deep sleep is the third phase during this process. Some people may experience only the first stage, in which the person repeatedly drifts in and out of consciousness. Others experience till phase two only in which the person becomes unaware of their surroundings but is still not in deep sleep. Once a person enters the third stage, it may continue till the next stage. The final stage is characterized by rapid eye movement, which eventually takes the person out of deep slumber.

Enjoying the Deepest Stage of Sleep

It is interesting to note here that during the deepest stage of sleep, it is not possible to experience dreams or nightmares. Only when a person drifts into deep sleep, the brain gets the amount of rest it needs to start working again and the person feels refreshed. In case a person wakes up tired almost every other day, it can be safely said that they are not using the right mattress or the environment in which they sleep continuously disturbs their sleep. Experts suggest using a natural mattress with no allergens to enjoy the deepest stage of sleep that would also provide just the right amount of firmness and support to the body.

It is also recommended to take this comfort level one step further by using natural bamboo sheets along with a cooling mattress protector. All these things contribute to an environment that favors a restful sleep throughout the night.


A person needs at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. When the sleep cycle is disturbed, the person may start feeling tired and sleepy almost all the time. In order to get complete rest and go into the deepest stage of sleep, a person must sleep in an environment that makes them feel comfortable, safe and rested. A latex mattress along with a latex pillow, which are 100% natural, chemical and toxin free, can help achieve that level of comfort without the use of anything else. The mattress comes with just the right density, firmness and thickness that can contribute to deep slumber. It also offers the springiness a person’s body naturally demands as well as cushioned support for preventing back pain and other health issues.