The Story of AJ Fernandez Cigars

For some people, smoking cigars is a hobby that they enjoy doing daily. Just like going golfing, baking or working on cars, smoking cigars can be a relaxing experience that people use to clear their minds after a long day at work. Along with this, smoking cigars can often be a social experience. People enjoy visiting cigar bars with their friends and trying new flavors. At AJ Fernandez Cigars, they understand why this experience is so appealing and they strive to meet the needs of consumers. AJ Fernandez Cigars has a rich history of meeting consumers’ needs and creating new and exciting products.

Third Generation

AJ Fernandez is a third generation of tobacco growers and distributors. The company started modestly by manufacturing cigars for other companies. Because it is a difficult market to establish yourself in quickly, they started working with other companies. Among their most popular products at that time was the Rocky Patel Summer Blend. As time went on the company grew and developed, making its first major debut in 1979. At this point, they showcased their popular Man O War. In 2009 another popular cigar was launched called the UnHoly Cocktail. It was the wide-spread popularity of these products that helped turn the company into what it is today. Today, AJ Fernandez makes over nine million cigars annually.

Location, Location, Location

AJ Fernandez is based in Nicaragua. Initially, Fernandez cigars used to only be a tobacco blend that was completely proprietary and can only be produced by them. They have evolved into a much larger company but they still keep their small family company feel. Afterall, A.J. Fernandez is involved in the process every single step of the way. From overseeing the farmers that cultivate the crop all the way through to the manufacturing and rolling of the actual cigars. Although the company is currently in Nicaragua, the family history didn’t start there. A.J. Fernandez’s father and grandfather started in Cuba cultivating tobacco for the United States Agricultural department. This experience that his father and grandfather had of working with tobacco, and learning the ins and outs of the industry, was what ultimately propelled AJ Fernandez cigars into the success it is today.

Tobacco Products

When it comes to the packaging and distribution of tobacco products, they are mainly packaged by weight, length, and number of cigars. The most popular of the Fernandez products is the six by forty- eight. It is a Nicaraguan product that is rolled with Nicaraguan Hybrid Rojito. This makes the cigar tastier and easier to smoke. The next most popular product is the six by fifty-six Nicaraguan Habano. Everyone who has tried this cigar rave about the delicious flavors and the large amount of smoke this product produces. Another great cigar produced by the A.J. Fernandez tobacco company is the five and a half by fifty-five medium-full Nicaraguan hybrid. This is a classic flavor profile that is said to be delicious and very smokey. This cigar can give you the complete experience of cigar smoking.

At the end of the day, A.J. Fernandez’s rich history has helped to build the successful company that it is today. They offer some of the best cigars because of years and years within the tobacco industry. Because the production of the cigars from start to finish is able to happen on-site, A.J. Fernandez is able to keep a watchful eye to ensure that they deliver the best possible cigars.