The Power of Social Media in Building Public Relations


Social media has captured the interest of many people over the past years. It has started slowly and spread world-wide. Almost everybody you know is on social media and it even seems shocking when someone has no social media account.

Back in the day, there was no social media, and public relations and PR professionals can only utilize TV or print. But social media has changed the playing field and PR has become faster, far-reaching and more delicate.

Today, social media is a big part of the marketing strategies of both big and small companies. How has social media changed PR?

Social media and Public relations industry changes

At the onset of social media, everyone has been given more opportunity to be known and have a wider reach. Traditional PR has a lot of restrictions and are expensive. Social media allows you to create your ad campaign and make your buzz.

You can also reach anyone you want to like of you buy instagram followers, your posts can reach to many people. The unreachable audience can now be reached and that is thanks to social media. There are different platforms that you can use to make noise and create a stir for your brand.

Social media allows you to have your own channel where you can post updates and grow your audience. This is not possible in traditional media.

The measure of success has become different. Back in the day, proving something means landing a PR in traditional media leading to a hit. Today, through social media, getting promoted by an influencer can make a huge impact.


Finding Journalists

Most journalists prefer Twitter because it is more efficient. If you want to reach out to journalists, Twitter is a good platform to reach out to them. It can also be a good platform to research on.


How today’s PR use social media

Public relations professionals make use of social media to reach their goals and because they cannot discount the effect of social media on today’s marketing. Here are some ways that PR professionals make use of social media.


Finding influencers

Influencers on social media can give brands a voice because of their massive following. This is where brands can tap them to help promote offers, new products, and even boost reputation.


Identifying threats and competition

Social media can give professionals an idea of how others perceive their brands to be. This can help a lot in preventing a brand crisis or help avert one from happening.


Damage control

Social media is a very fast way to counter the negative publicity of a brand. PR professionals can make a response to create a diversion.



Word travels fast on social media. Public announcements can be done on social media to spread the word of product launches, and company updates.


Social media is good for a company’s public relations and this is one of the tools that businesses and public relations companies use. When done properly, the companies and other brands can enjoy getting positive results with increasing potential customers.


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