The importance of a good boat mattress


Yachting, sailing, and boating can awaken people’s hidden thirst for adventure, and that wanderlust might keep them at sea for days on end. However, sailing overnight can be a challenging task, especially when sleep is involved. 

Sailing a boat can be an “all hands on deck” situation. Crew members must constantly be alert and working to steer the boat in the right direction. This might mean that someone has to take the night watch while others sleep, because every minute of sleep counts when sailing. But this might be easier said than done when the rocking of the waves disturbs your ability to be in a relaxed, restful state of mind. It might also be hard to sleep when the moisture, humidity, and other weather conditions at sea make your mattress smell and feel unpleasant.

Finding a good, comfortable, weather-resistant boat mattress replacement can help all of these problems. Foam mattresses are good for boats, because they conform to your shape and reduce motion transfer from the boat, allowing you to lie down more comfortably in the midst of billowing waves and tides. Also, if your mattress is made from closed cell foam such as polyethylene, it will be highly resistant to moisture and mold.

The chances are that you’ll need a foam mattress that fits your boat’s specific shape. The people at The Foam Factory have years of experience providing boat mattresses, and they can even cut a unique custom shape for you.