The History of Ford

One of the biggest car brands you can find here in America is Ford. They are the company that put together and release the trucks that everyone uses, they are the ones with the cars that will run for years without breaking down on you, they are the labeled as the most reliable car dealer in America because the cars that they are selling you are not just simple cars but instead they are reliable and safe for you and your family. But how did this car company become the most popular and most reliable in America? Here is some history so that you can learn a little more about this brand that you hear so many people talk about.

Let us start from the very beginning. Before all of the trucks and cars and all of the satisfied customers, all that we had was Henry Ford. Henry had a lot under his belt by the time he started up the company. In fact, he actually created the first gasoline-powered vehicle in 1896. A few years later, in 1903, he and eleven other stockholders signed a few papers and the next day the car company that we all know and love was founded.

But just because the company was founded on June 16th, 1903 does not mean that their work was done. No, they had a lot more that they had to do in order to get the company to where it is today. What you see and what you know took a lot to put together, the fact that the company was created and founded in June of 1903 proves that it took a very long time to get to where we are now. In fact, before finally creating the company in June, the group tried twice to create an automobile company but were left with no luck and could not make it happen.

A month after establishing the company, the first company car was built. The cars were built in Detroit with only a small group of people who were putting these cars together by hand. They ordered special parts and could only produce a few cars a day. So the dealership that you know now looked a lot different back then. It was still a big building with its name on everything, but the car lot had a lot less vehicles available than they would have available now. But this is only because they had a small group and had to order parts to build the cars properly. Now, cars are built and sent in bulk so that the lot is always full.

The reason this company became the most popular and most reliable, as it is today, is because this company is the one that was first created. No one else had some up with how to create gasoline-powered vehicles yet, so Henry was a few steps ahead. Who knew that that was all he needed to own the most successful car brand dealership to this day.

From the moment he created the first gasoline powered car, to signing and establishing his business brand, This company has been the most popular car brand in all of America. Even now, with all of the other car dealerships around that you could choose from, most people still choose this one because they know what to expect and they know that their car won’t break down on them in their time of need.