The Essentials You Need to Stock Up on During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As you know, we are currently experiencing a pandemic, which is a global outbreak of a disease that is declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The virus that has spread throughout our population is a coronavirus, called COVID-19. During the pandemic, many countries will be going into lockdown in order to reduce the spread and protect their citizens. This means that all non-essential travel will be banned and many of our local shops and restaurants will be closed until further notice. 

To ensure you have enough supplies during a lockdown and to reduce the amount of time you need to spend outside of the house, here are some of the essential items you should stock up on. 

Canned Foods

A selection of canned foods can go a long way during your period of isolation. They last a long time and certain products will have a lot of nutritional value. For example, canned fruit, vegetables, beans and soups will contribute to one of your five a day and will contain essential fibre and vitamins to keep you fit and healthy. Canned fish and poultry will ensure you get enough protein. Canned desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth during a lockdown. Spreads and preserved items kept in jars are also a must-have during isolation. 

Dried Items

Non-perishable food items are vital during this time. Dried food falls into this category because it has a long shelf life and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The best dried foods to stock up on include cereals, rice, and pasta, as these carbohydrates help to keep you fuller for longer and wholegrain varieties also provide plenty of fibre. You can purchase dried meats, fruits and vegetables to keep your diet varied. 

Frozen Goods

The best part about frozen goods is the fact that you can enjoy proper homemade meals for months to come. You can also enjoy other foods that have a short shelf life, such as meat, fruit, vegetables and some desserts. Frozen ready meals can be useful during the pandemic, as they are easy to store, don’t require much freezer space, and they are easy to prepare. You can keep a variety of products in your freezer, so you will be able to keep your diet and meals varied. 


You cannot treat the virus at home, but there are certain medications that can ease your symptoms. Paracetamol and flu medication are great for easing the symptoms, but you should avoid ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories, as these have been proven to aggravate the symptoms. To ensure you keep topped up on pain relief and other essential pharmaceuticals like toothpaste, baby food, and vitamins, you should purchase your items from a reliable online chemist such as so that you don’t have to leave the home. This service will deliver your items straight to your front door. 

Cleaning Products

Stocking up on cleaning products, such as antibacterial surface sprays, bleach, hand soap, and hand sanitiser will keep your home a safe and clean area during isolation. It will also allow you to keep yourself and others clean if you do have to leave the house. Don’t forget to stock up on kitchen towel and toilet paper, as well as washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets (where applicable) and detergent for washing fabrics during a lockdown. Stepping up your cleaning and personal hygiene techniques will help to protect you and your household from the virus.

With the above supplies, you should be able to keep yourself inside for weeks to come. When purchasing these essentials, try not to panic buy. This doesn’t only waste your money, but it can leave many people without the supplies they need. During this time, we need to work together, not against each other.