The Different Ways in Which You Should Care for Blankets and Throws Made of Real Fur

The basic aspect about real fur is that the kind of warmth and insulation it offers cannot be offered by any other material. Having said that, real fur requires some sort of added efforts for maintenance. In no way that those efforts will cost extra money. It’s just about increasing the life of real fur blankets and throws. 

This guide will take you through 3 highly luxurious Wolfie Fur blankets and throws and the many ways in which you can care for them at home. 

Let’s start with the types before moving down to the ways to maintain them. 

  1. PATRICIA Real Fur Pillow 

Available in Vanilla and Phantom Brown, this exceptionally soft pillow is:

  • Double sided. 
  • Made of 100% Sheared beaver fur.
  • Fabricated to display matching velvet lining on one side and raccoon fur trim on the edges. 

It can be purchased at 495 USD. 

  1. FRANKIE Real Fur Blanket 

This is a super lightweight and exceptionally warm real fur blanket available in Golden white and coffee brown colors. Some of its stunning features are as follows. 

  • It’s made of 100% pure fox fur. 
  • It displays a velvet lining.

It can be purchased at 2495 USD. 

  1. COLORADO Real Fur Blanket

Fabricated from 100% real fox fur of Finnish origin, this blanket is one of the rare ones that’s available in a breathtaking variety of colors that include:

  • Pink
  • Burgundy
  • White
  • Natural
  • Charcoal grey
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Indigo
  • Platinum grey
  • Cherry red
  • Multicolored 

Another amazing feature of this exclusive fox fur blanket is its beautiful velvet lining that enhances its beauty beyond words. 

Now let’s talk about the ways to maintain real fur. 

The Not-to-do List 

  1. Do not machine wash or hand wash real fur. 
  2. Do not leave real fur in damp rooms. 
  3. Do not use bleach or any other kind of solution to remove stains – no matter how light. 
  4. Do not sit on top of the fur for a long time. 
  5. Do not keep heavy appliances on top of real fur. 

The to-do List

  1. Get real fur dry cleaned at least once or twice in a year. 
  2. Keep real fur in a ventilated environment. 
  3. Brush the hair with soft bristles from materials like cashmere to remove dirt and tangled/knotted hair. 
  4. Blow dry real fur if it gets damp.

All in all, real fur from animals has the tendency to develop oil. If not taken care of, it can fester bacteria too. So, if you want to feel the luxury of real fur blankets without damaging them, then these simple tricks – listed above – will help you a lot. Hence, do follow them to keep you real fur blankets and throws as new as they were when you purchased them first.