The Big Issue With Modern-Day Bucks And Hen Parties


When anyone says bachelor’s party what is the first thing that comes to mind. Strippers – of course. You might have images of guys in a dimly lit club, crowded around a stage with a nude female dancer shimmying down a pole. There is alcohol, and cash being thrown on stage. Society has widely accepted the fact that this is the traditional send-off for a would-be groom.

Strip clubs can be pleasant, once in a lifetime experiences and occasionally, they can become as ridiculous and horrendous as The Hangover. Most people think that going to strip clubs is all about sex or debauchery. Bachelor or bucks parties in strip clubs are thought of as men giving themselves permission to behave really badly – and doing something they would never do and won’t proudly talk about with other people.

Bucks parties go along with hen parties – it’s about adults doing adult things. There are so many stereotypes surrounding these events.

If you searched for bachelor or hen parties, you might come across some scandalous but interesting “naught” things. Guys aren’t the only one that search for strip clubs but women also search for this kind of entertainment. So, truth be told – the concept of adult entertainment is not just reserved for guys, some women might enjoy a debaucherously night out with mates. There is very thin line between harmless and harmful fun. What you want to keep in mind is that you should not engage in activities that will hurtful to someone else.

Let’s wind things back a bit here. Why do people hold bucks and hen nights? It is supposed to be a day where someone is expected to let loose and indulge in activities that are a bit on the wild side. The people get to do what they will never get to do once they are married. This is the last hoorah before they have to be accountable to anyone.  It might sound hypocritical to celebrate a marriage by spending time ogling naked women. What is it about this that demonstrates some upcoming commitment.

Bachelor or bucks parties have been around for hundreds of years. They date back to ancient Greece and Sparta where soldiers would hold a dinner in honor of a friend who is about to get married. The idea of marriage and the word ‘bachelor’ itself meant something different to what we now know. For instance, marriages were arranged. They were more of a business deal that a declaration of love.  That status might not have been particularly appealing for someone with romantic notions about love and marriage.

These days, getting engaged and married is different. People choose their mates. They marry for love after being together and being engaged for some time.  With most couples ending up living together, can anyone actually say that they are enjoying their one last night of freedom when at the end of the revelry they go back to that same partner they are about to marry?

Marriage does not equal the loss of freedom. If you think like the then you need to take a serious look at whey you are getting married or if the institution is for you after all. At the risk of sounding preachy, no one should complete you. When you get married you shouldn’t lose your individuality. The best relationships are the ones where each person retains their own sense of wholeness.

When planning your last day of freedom make sure that you are respectful to your partner’s boundaries and needs. Many marriages have been cancelled because of bucks parties gone wild.