The Best Ways to Take Care of Car Tires During Summer



Tires have been the most neglected aspect of the vehicle. You should rest assured that your way of treating the tires would determine the durability, influence the balance of the car, affects the mileage, steering sensitivity, and the power you receive when you accelerate.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the tires have been the actual point of contact with the road. The tires would absorb the obstacles and carry the weight of the car. Therefore, it would be of great importance to maintain the tires in the best manner possible.

Let us delve on some important aspects to consider when maintaining the car tires during summers.

Check the pressure

Heat could take a significant toll on your tires. Air and rubber has been known to expand and contract based on the amount of heat suffered. As a result, the tire pressure would be under constant change in the summer season when you drive. The tires get heated and pressure increases. It would be the opposite when the car is standing still.

Over-inflation could cause the tire to burst. The key is to check the pressure on regular basis.

Replacing air with nitrogen

Nitrogen expands less quickly than air. Therefore, replacing air in tires with nitrogen could save you plenty of effort to repeatedly check the tire pressure. However it does not imply that you should ignore the tire completely.

Checking tire valves

Ensure that the valves should be in proper shape. The cap covering the valve should be fitted in an appropriate manner. The valve cap should help you check air leakage from the tip of the valve.

Checking the tire for damages

You should check car tires prior to the summer season hitting your region. The tire should be checked for cracks, wear and tear, and worn out tires. The coin test would help you check whether the tire needs to be replaced or not.