The Best Properties For a Bachelor’s Pad

With the trend of solo-living on the rise, a lot of single people prefer living in bachelor pads. A bachelor’s pad is a living space owned by the bachelor which is designed as a collective space that can facilitate him for his daily activities. If you too are looking for a place that’s completely yours and ends up being a reflection of who you are, you’ve come to the right place.

These are a list of things everyone should keep in mind while buying a bachelor’s pad.


Some of the aspects worth considering under this section would include:

  • Furniture

The bachelor pad should have a good quality, innovatively designed and pleasant-looking furniture that matches the background of space.

  • Lighting

Although the LEDs are the most trendy these days, picking up smart lights that you could control with your phone and change their colour as per your mood should be a choice for the apartments in Whitefield.

  • Floor

No matter if its a bachelor’s pad or a family villa, polished concrete floors look excellent in the interiors these days. The dark wood floors are also the best choice for bachelors pad as they look very elegant and have a raw touch to it.

  • Gadgets

Right from the basic necessities such as A TV unit, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. to the fancy items such as a cooking range, pick the gadgets that you absolutely must need to live a comfortable life in the famous duplex apartments Bangalore.


No matter how limited your budget is, do not end up compromising with your bed. A bed is a place where you would relax after a long day, so it should definitely be comfortable.

Get a plush mattress, a couple of high-quality cushions and a comfortable quilt to complete the look.


Indoor plants are very important as they fill in fresh air and positivity to space, but also make sure your space looks close to nature. So invest in a tall plant for a corner or some hanging plants that you could hand in the balcony.

A well-appointed bathroom

A shower curtain, matching towels, well-maintained trash, spare toilet paper, hand soaps, wall art are the basic minimum items you should get.

A thoughtful entry

This place sets the tone of your entire place. A coat rack, a tabletop of sorts, a catch hall for keys, a place to sit and put on shoes, a rug, a mirror, etc. are some options worth considering.

Party room

Whenever you think of planning a party in your home it’s awesome if you have your own personalized party room.

Your own game zone

As a bachelor, you have many friends who would visit you and spend their time with you enjoying. So plan a space for something like a gaming room in your home. Place some board games, card games, etc. on a shelf with all the books you read in this area. So when you aren’t having a party, this space would become your reading area.