Storage Ideas to Fit Everything into Your Wardrobe


Are you challenged to fit everything you have into your closet? Many people experience the issue. It isn’t easy to fit every item into a wardrobe when you do not know how to store them properly. There are innovative ways to fold clothes, for example, veering away from the usual, such as the methods introduced by Marie Kondo. And would you believe that there are clothes-folding ideas introduced by robotics engineers?

So, if you’re interested in organising your closet effectively, here are a few ideas.

Categorise your clothes

Empty your closet and separate your clothes into different categories. Put all the pants, jeans, and trousers in one pile. Do the same for the rest of your clothing – sort them by type. Then sort through every piece in each category. Doing this will let you find similar items and choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard. You’ll now have the things you like to keep and use. You can either sell the others in a thrift store or donate them.

Create your ideal wardrobe

It is all right to buy pre-fabricated closets for your bedroom. However, it would help if you also considered what advantages a fitted wardrobe UK bedroom manufacturers sell might provide. With a fitted wardrobe, you can utilise every space available in your bedroom, including odd-shaped corners. You can get the right type of storage space for everything that you own. With floor to ceiling storage space, you do not leave gaps that are useless and difficult to clean.

Store clothes by type

If you want to locate the clothes you need for the day quickly:

  • Keep similar types of clothing together.
  • Keep all your belts in one bin or hang them using purpose-built hooks and hangers.
  • Store small items of the same type in drawers or bins with labels, so you can find the things you need quicker.

Use hangers for sturdy, fancy, or delicate clothing

Some fabrics crease easily. So, use hangers for delicate items like skirts, dresses, suits, blazers, and coats. See to it that you hang your clothes facing the same direction, so they look neater and easier to remove from the rod. Group the long items on one side and the shorter ones on the other so that you can make room for other items at the bottom of the closet. Consider the importance of hangers that match your clothes. Use sturdy hangers for heavy items like coats and jackets, thinner ones for lighter clothes, and velvet hangers for slippery fabrics.

Fold sweaters and jeans

You do not have to hang every piece of clothing you own. Jeans are sturdy and do not crease easily. You can fold them properly and stack them on closet shelves. Sweaters can be folded as well, so you can maximise shelving space.

Roll T-shirts and other items

Instead of folding pyjamas, workout clothes, and T-shirts, roll them and store them in storage bins. They are typically made from thinner and softer fabrics, so they are perfect for rolling into small tubes. They will not crease too much and will look neat in their individual containers.

You can find a use for every available space in your wardrobe by learning how to fold, roll, hang, and sort your clothes. Use additional storage bins for small items and find ways to use your closet’s vertical space.