Site Survey: An Integral Part in Construction

Construction survey is interpreting construction plans and then marking the location where the new structures are to go. The importance of a site survey in construction is to make sure that the project will follow the design plans. The reference points will guide the construction of the proposed improvements in the area and it can help ensure that the construction project is done on time within the budget.

A construction survey can tell you information such as mapping drainage courses, topographic data, manholes, and many more. This can help very well in the placement of different structures for efficiency purposes. 

A professional survey team can get the job done because they are well-versed in conducting surveys. 

Every project must have a surveying company to help establish the basic standards during the pre-planning phase. A reputable surveying company will have set standards on work production and quality, safety, deliverable, and schedule. 

Site survey in construction 

Different sites will need different things and will have different risks as well. Some areas are at high risk of flooding. This is where flood risk assessments are used. 

There are also other surveys such as those who require inspection of structures near coastal areas. The surveyors must check the surrounding buildings and check the height from sea level and consider other factors as well. 

Bulk earthwork surveys

These and other surveys may be needed in certain projects. These are vital in grade set outs to determine the extent of cuts and fills and temporary set outs of ramps. The professional surveyor also assesses the risks and conditions that can affect projects such as climate, pollution, air quality, traffic, and transport. 

3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is done, for example, to renovate and restore. 3D laser scanning might also be done by the team of professionals. This can help a lot in planning and collaborating with other engineers and developers. 

How surveying helps

A construction survey means being able to determine the current condition of the site to be able to assess if, in the future, the area can be built on.

Most of the surveying services are done by local companies or local offices. They already know the area. Land surveying services can also maximize project startup through efficient planning. 

Surveying firms give more value to the planning stages of any project. There must be due diligence too. Buildings must be inspected against the use of hazardous materials.

How surveying can help in project planning

 A surveying firm can add more value to the planning stages. It can help discover the risk of any problems in regulatory enforcement. It can also provide data about the scope of the project. 

When choosing a surveyor or a survey company, it is important to check the company if it is licensed and recognized to conduct surveys. They must have surveyors that are experienced so that they know what to do already. 

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