Simplified to detail: The H-1B visa application process!


For the uninitiated, H-1B visa is an employer-sponsored work permit, which allows foreign workers to work for companies in the US. This means that the employer is required to pay the visa fees and complete the application process on behalf of the selected foreign professional. For this, the employer must also demonstrate that talented US-based workers were not available for the selected profile or job. Most employers have a hard time with the H-1B visa process, as the system is time sensitive and all the due paperwork must be done without any mistake or error. 

If your company plans to hire professionals from other countries to work in the US, your best bet is to work with a Dallas H-1B Visa attorney, who can ease the process. In this post, we are simplifying the whole H-1B visa application process to detail. 

The process

  • As we mentioned earlier, the applicant for an H-1B visa must be sponsored by a company in the US, who will also apply on their behalf. In other words, it is not enough for an applicant to find a job, but it is also important to find an employer, who will sponsor the H-1B visa. 
  • The employer needs to complete the Labor Conditions Approval (LCA) application, which must be submitted online to the Department of Labor (DOL) in the US. The employer will attest that the employee will get a wage that’s equal or higher than the prevailing standards. 
  • If LCA is approved, the employer will then apply for Form I-129, which includes fees, training certifications and education documents, documents for experience evaluation, resume of the applicant, letter of support, and a confirmation letter. This step can take a considerable amount of time, often as much as 4 months.
  • Once all of this is done, the applicant must get stamping from the applicable US embassy in their home country. 

Ease things with a H-1B visa attorney

If you are unsure of how to go through the process, or simply prefer to ease the application process and paperwork, consider finding a reliable H-1B visa attorney. There are some amazing services in Dallas, and they make each step as detailed and easy for US employers and foreign applicants as possible. They will also guide on the documentation and how to file the right papers, so that getting the H-1B visa doesn’t become a hurdle for human errors.