Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Spirituality


Spirituality is the connection of a person to their soul or spirit. It is being gentle to oneself and others, acknowledging that people are all connected. Spirituality is also finding a deeper meaning to life. In the stream of activities, you can ask yourself if you are still connected to your spirituality. If your answer is a no, hope is not lost. There are many ways to reawaken this aspect of your life.

Invest in Travel

Travel does not mean high-end hotels or tourist spots alone. You can go on a Mormon cruise where you can be uplifted by meaningful but humorous talks. You can also appreciate the beauty of nature by spending time on the vast sea. Encounters with stingrays and snorkeling will foster respect for the life of every creature. Laughter and merriment are also good for the soul.

Spirituality is often associated with religiosity. But it is more than that. It is the appreciation of the smallest things in life. It is feeding the soul with positivity. Two important elements of spirituality are wonder and awe. Traveling provides you with new reasons to be filled with astonishment of the world.

Practice Minimalism

Physical things make people focus on the superficial. When your goal is to amass more things, you will only be surrounded by lifeless objects. Also, you define value based on these things. You feel that without them, a part of your life may be incomplete. But you have to ask yourself: Is there truth in that belief?

Removing these distractions will help you refocus on what matters. These are the principles and values that are intangible. Without the many things that “entertain,” you can redirect your time to loved ones. Have you noticed people who are in the same room but are not “together?” A minimal number of earthly possessions will change your perspective. You will find that indeed less is more.

Be Driven with Passion

A life without passion holds little meaning. When you know your passions, you live with purpose. Things you are passionate about direct your steps. Thus, it is important to know what motivates you.

Whether it be a talent, loved ones, or a cause, go find it and incorporate it in your daily life. Are you a natural singer? Then make it as a career, or sing whenever the chance presents itself. Or better yet, volunteer yourself to opportunities. If your family is your biggest motivation, then make sure to spend time with them. Do you think honesty is essential? Then, be an agent of honesty wherever you go.

Your passions make your life fuller and rich with meaning. You must find them and make them a reality in your life. This way, your spirit will not run dry.

Create an ARK Every Day

A deep spiritual experience is when one can connect to another human being. Kindness is a universal language. Thus, strive to do an act of random kindness (ARK) every day. It does not have to be elaborate. Give a smile to someone who looks discouraged. Hold a door for a mother carrying her child. Encourage a workmate. People feel valued when someone cares enough for their welfare. When you make others happy, you feel yourself happier, too.

Are you feeling restless? Maybe your spirit needs some time to recharge and be reawakened. Listen to it. You will reap the benefits of having a renewed spirit.