Silver ankle bracelet is the perfect choice to gift your wife: know why?


Not all women use ankle bracelets, the truth is that at first glance they represent sensuality, as it enhances and gives a different touch to the foot. They are used especially in summer, although there are those who use them permanently, but what does it mean?

Ankle bracelet: truth and history

There are several meanings and origins. The first is that they came from the book The Thousand and One Nights, of medieval Arab origin. Anklets were talked about as an identifying element for prostitutes and lesbians in antiquity. Now, according to other sources, in India this accessory is important for women and they have to wear them during the marriage, while widows can’t wear them.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that wearing a chain around the ankle attracted good luck and fortune. Some people who worked in the field used to wear anklets with a sound pendant to keep insects away and avoid bites. In the Sumerian culture, women used these jewels of silver or gold, as a meaning of the wealth of the husband. As you will see, in this aspect there is history to tell, but the important thing is that as the years have passed, this meaning has been changing, since at present, having a Sterling silver ankle bracelets identifies women as sexy and gives elegance to that part of the body. So it is a good excuse to use it, you can find silver, gold, stones, etc.

Silver anklet material: High quality silver

It does not oxidize and deforms. The silver chain of sun for the foot is free size, it can adapt to most women and girls. A delicate design will decorate you with charm, elegance and beauty. This fashionable ankle bracelet is for the beach, dance, party, daily use and other events, easy to combine with your different outfits. The beautifully crafted anklet is a perfect gift for the bride, wife, mother, daughter or friends, suitable for any gift occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Birthday, the Anniversary, etc. Simple but elegant design that will decorate your fashion, elegant and beautiful.

Men’s ankle bracelet

The ankle bracelet is not only a female accessory only, it must be borne in mind that in many cases throughout history, accessories such as bracelets or earrings were considered as amulets with positive aspects that removed everything negative. In this way we find many cases in which the ankle bracelets were worn by men. For example, in ancient Egypt, to attract good luck and fortune, chains were placed around the ankle as ankle bracelets. Those people who worked in the field, used them by hanging some sound element as this caused the insects to move away and avoid bites.

Here you have several stories to tell about the anklets. But over the years, we come to the present and we find that all the meanings of antiquity have changed. Today, wearing an ankle brace is a symbol of sensuality, identifies the sexy woman, stylizes the leg and gives elegance to the look you wear at that time.