Signs your kids are stealing from home


It bites when you go to pay for something only to realize you thought you had more cash in your wallet than what you currently have standing at the register. If this happens to you once, you may simply feel embarrassed but not think to much of it and choke it up to be a personal error.

However, if it becomes a recurring instance, you may not want to admit it but it’s likely your kids are stealing from your home.

One way to combat this problem is to invest in home security systems.

Home security systems will allow you to record activities that happen in your home where you place cameras. Today, most security systems can be accessed remotely.

Some even have voice activation so you can speak over the system to whoever is in your home. A feature that may come in handy should you catch your kids doing something you don’t approve of.

Signs your kids are stealing from you

If you notice your wallet has been opened, or your credit cards are being used online without your knowledge, it’s likely your kids are stealing from you. Aside from financial gain, kids can also steal clothes, household decor, your car keys, and food.

Don’t limit your thought process to only be on the watch for financial stealing, though it is the most common type. Keep an eye on the entire household and everything that’s been moved or looks like it’s been tampered with.

Art is an easy thing for kids to pawn off at pawn shops or online like eBay and Craigslist – especially if you don’t notice the art has been missing or it’s been stowed away in a closet for quite some time.

Aside from noticing items are missing, here are other signs to watch for:

  • They ask questions about the value of certain items
  • You notice they no longer have electronics in their rooms or other rooms in the house
  • You notice items are missing
  • The start lurking around the house at odd hours
  • You hear them speaking about selling things
  • You notice high spending on your credit cards