Should you consult a car accident lawyer in Colorado? Find here!

You were injured in a car accident, and the other driver was texting while driving, which caused the accident. Should you ask for compensation? What if you had a part role in the accident? How much is your claim worth? Should you file a personal injury lawsuit? These are some of the common questions that may crop up, and to get accurate answers and transparent legal advice, you should consider contacting a Pueblo car accident lawyer. Contacting a lawyer is entirely your personal call, and in this post, we are sharing some basics of working with one. 

Personal injury & car accident laws are confusing

Like in every state, there is a statute of limitations in Colorado, as well. For car accidents, you have a deadline of three years to file a personal injury lawsuit, but your insurance claim doesn’t have to wait. In fact, insurance company of the party at fault should be informed within a reasonable time. If you have a property damage claim, the same should be filed within 2 years, from the date of the accident. In case the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, you should consider filing a wrongful death case. All of these and more can be overwhelming, especially after an accident, when you are already reeling. You need time to recover, and your attorney can ease things for you. 

Meeting a lawyer for the first time

The first meeting with a car accident lawyer is the most important one. You get to share details of your case, but more importantly, you can have a fair idea of what to expect, if you file a personal injury lawsuit. Also, your lawyer will help you understand your rights. For instance, you shouldn’t be signing any paper without knowing, especially from insurance companies. Insurance adjusters want to reduce their burden and they would do anything to reduce the settlement. Also, your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf, and while car accident claims do get settled outside of court, your lawyer will ensure that you get the amount you deserve, even if that means going to trial. 

Most lawyers work on a contingency basis, so if you don’t want to pay from your pocket, you can still hire their expertise. Just find a lawyer who knows the car accident laws in Colorado and is accessible. Meet them in person to discuss your case further.