Sharing In Chicago – Why Shared Space Is On The Rise In The Windy City



Working in Chicago offers a lot of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and startups. With over thirty-six Fortune 500 companies operating in the city, the access to important industry connections and investors is excellent. However, in recent years office rental rates have skyrocketed in Chicago making it difficult for those looking for a place at the table to find one.

To remedy this situation and provide your business with a firm foundation from which to operate, a Chicago coworking space represents a fantastic alternative to traditional and expensive office spaces. Not only is a shared working space more affordable, but it also provides a host of other advantages that can directly benefit your business.

Let’s take a closer look at why shared office space is on the rise in the windy city.

Collaborative And Creative Benefits

Shared office spaces or coworking spaces are increasingly popular among the contemporary workforce in Chicago largely because they allow professionals to surround themselves with like-minded people. In a typical coworking space, you can expect to find highly motivated and highly skilled entrepreneurs and freelancers who come from a variety of industries.

With such diverse skill sets and backgrounds, opportunities for creative idea generation and fruitful business collaborations abound. To take full advantage of these benefits, make sure to introduce yourself to your colleagues and demonstrate the passion you have for your work. This will attract new interest in your business and give you the chance to solicit advice and insight that can take your company in new directions.

Established Office Infrastructure

Part of the hassle of setting up and maintaining a business is keeping track of the details of office infrastructure. While this is a necessity if your company is to function effectively, it can take valuable time away from the pursuit of your larger business goals. In this regard, coworking spaces provide a fully furnished and fully stocked working environment that is ready for you to move in at any time. You can enjoy instant access to printing, copying, and scanning facilities as well as high-speed secure internet connections as soon as you sit down to work. This convenience is certainly one reason why more are choosing coworking spaces over the traditional alternative.

Diverse Premium Package Options

Good coworking facilities offer several package options to suit different working styles. This allows you to find a structure and setup that works for your business. If you and your team want to save money and enjoy the flexibility of moving around the office, hot desking is the best option for you. For those who prefer their own space to make their own, dedicated desks and private offices are also available in coworking spaces.

As a bonus, premium providers of coworking space in Chicago offer flexible leases to serve your business best. This includes only a one-month security deposit and a month-by-month contract. You never know where your business might be in a couple of months and having this flexibility is important to staying lean and dynamic as a company. 

Productivity Boosts

Entrepreneurship and freelancing can be great for the flexibility they bring to your lifestyle. But occasionally these working styles can lose their lustre and become isolating. Being around others can give you a serious motivation boost that can inspire new productivity and meaning towards your work.

Take A Crack At Chicago Coworking

For all these benefits and more, coworking is a prudent choice for professionals in today’s economic climate. Explore the options for premium coworking spaces in the windy city and try out a shared space that works for you.