Questions to Ask When Selecting a Scissor Lift Hire Supplier


Many companies require their workers to be lifted high above the ground to complete specific tasks. These tasks may include cleaning windows, carrying out construction works, stacking items, reaching installations, and more. The use of ladders or steps has significantly decreased with the introduction of scissor lifts, which have proven to be much safer and more practical. These lifts are a kind of MEWP, which stands for Mobile Elevated Work Platform. They can be raised or lowered with the use of cross supported pivots which resemble two halves of a pair of scissors. These come in handy in places where a straight vertical lift is needed, providing a secure platform for workers working high above the ground.

Due to the high demand for scissor lifts from many individuals and businesses, many companies are now hiring them out. And like selecting any service provider, choosing the right scissor lift hire company is of the utmost important. This article will detail some questions to ask yourself before choosing a company for scissor lift hire

 Is the Supplier Reputable?

The right supplier is one who invests in the most high-end equipment available on the market. This guarantees that the equipment is reliable and safe to use. When hiring from a trusted and reputable company, you’ll likely receive certification to demonstrate that any safety checks and maintenance required for the equipment has been completed. The company will also guide you through all the steps to carrying out safety checks whenever the scissor lift is used. 

What Are Their Rates?

Companies offer various rates for their services, and when it comes to scissor lift rental, one supplier may have more attractive prices than another. While it’s vital to choose a reasonably priced provider, there are still many other factors to consider. For instance, whether there are any hidden costs. Also, you should enquire about their weekly and monthly rates and see if you can save money for a longer hire period. Then there can also be different rates for different sizes of scissor lifts. Depending on the work being done, you need to select the right size lift at the right rate.

Do They Have the Right Lifts to Meet Your Needs?

Suppliers who have been in the business for a long time will understand the dynamics of their business, and as time changes, they’ll invest in the latest scissor lifts. On the other hand, a new entrant into the industry won’t have as wide of a range. They might not know that some tasks are better handled using older scissors lifts. It’s best to choose a supplier who has both new and old lifts available. 

 What Experience Do They Have?

Experience is another important factor to consider, as an experienced supplier of scissor lift hire will know the ins and outs of the business and be in the best position to advise you accordingly. For instance, when you tell them about the kind of task you need done, they’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate lift, whether mechanically or electrically powered.