Pros And Cons of Using A Mixer Grinder


Nowadays, multitasking in the kitchen is as common as managing other household chores. In the current age, where people are normally busy in their working spaces, it is remarkably important to become versatile and multitasker especially in the kitchen. 

Imagine most of the kitchen jobs are handled by one appliance! Sounds fancy? There is only one best kitchen appliance to describe multitasking – A mixer grinder. It is a kitchen appliance that is much versatile and can be easily used to mix and grind food items at a given time. 

There are numerous types of best juicer mixer grinder  available these days. Some of them come with innovative features like better speed control and durable lids. Purchasing a top-notch quality mixer grinder that can fit your budget can be a troublesome task. Before buying any juicer mixer grinder online, you must know its major pros and cons. 

In the following discussion, you will brief yourself with the detailed pros and cons of using a mixer grinder at home. Please take a look! 

5 Pros of Mixer Grinder

  • Variety of Food Items And Purposes 

Invariably, more and more buyers are investing their time and money in purchasing this revolutionary device for multiple purposes. Be it preparing a relishing ice-cream shake or churning lip-smacking sauces, this mixer grinder is a device that can help you prepare multiple dishes in less time. Plus, as a beginner, you can try your hand at preparing multiple foods with great ease.

With a mixer grinder, you can whip liquids and creams without facing any issue. Even if you want to grind nuts, cereals, or some spices, this appliance can work magically. From grinding to mixing to whipping, there is no end to options that are offered by the best mixer grinder. 

  • Mix, Grind at Variable Speeds

Offering different speeds, mixer grinder is powerful enough to chop and grind hard food items and delicate enough to churn chutneys and sauces. In other words, you can increase the speed to grind solid food items and also decrease the speed for slow stirring liquids or creams. One of the greatest perks of using a mixer grinder is that we can choose the speed according to the need. 

  • Ease of Use 

Mixer grinders are the appliances that are specially designed to offer the highest levels of ease of use. With a wide variety of features, you can prepare different foods easily. All you need to press the button after putting the ingredients in the jar and safety closing the lid. Chopping, whipping and grinding food manually can take a toll on your physical energy and time. But by choosing the best juicer mixer grinder online with the desired set of features, you can prepare many delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes. Believe or not, but many home cooks have made their lives easier by buying this magical device.

  • Pocket-Friendly

Nowadays, mixer grinders are readily available at online shopping destinations and local shops. You can buy them at a price that is easy on your pocket. If you want to buy a mixer grinder at the right price and facing issues till now, it is highly recommended that you browse some good review platforms online, offering reviews on the top 10 mixer grinder in India 2020

It is always beneficial to buy a device with only the desired features. Paying for extra features will just like throwing your money in the waste.

  • Easy To Maintain

Undoubtedly, mixer grinders are easy to use and maintain. In order to ensure timely maintenance, all you need to do is to clean the device with the help of cotton soft cloth regularly. Removable components of mixer grinders can be easily cleaned with dishwashing soap. 

2 Cons of Mixer Grinder

  • Noisy Kitchen Appliance 

The noise levels offered by mixer grinders can be loud and annoying. While using the device, you won’t be able to listen to the voices of the other persons around you. You might not be able to hear your doorbell or a mobile ring tone which is quite disappointing. 

  • Sharp Blades

Most mixer grinders are equipped with durable and sharp blades to perfectly chop, grind or mix the food ingredients. While cleaning, if you touch these blades, you are putting yourself at the risk of getting your hands cut. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful while using or cleaning the mixer grinder. A single mistake can lead to deep cut or bleeding. 

The Bottom Line

With the innovation of mixer grinders, home cooks or professional chefs have found themselves in extreme comfort. There are some disadvantages associated with mixer grinder, but with care and safety measures, you can ignore them. Whether it is about buying the best wet mixer grinder in India or dry mixer grinder, you should know its pros and cons before making any decision.