Privileges of Starting a Business in Alabama


Business location is always an essential matter to consider. From having the right one, you could easily achieve the desired number of customers or clients that you have projected or even that prominence that you want in the vicinity.

Among the states in the country to be considered as a business location, you might overlook the advantages behind the Yellowhammer State — Alabama. As the state offers a peaceful place to live in, the state also exhibits an ideal business location for its diversity and inclusivity in various business sectors. From that initial perk, there are lots of advantages and privileges that you want to discover among the business landscape in the state. Dive in for you to identify them all:

Firstly enjoy the Enterprise Zone Program

Tax incentives are one of the ideal privileges that you would encounter among the advantages of starting a business in Alabama. The said privilege is given to those businesses that are located and expanded within the programs Enterprise Zone that is based on The Alabama Enterprise Zone Act of 1987. You heard it right, it means that if you register your startup business or building a new branch in Alabama, that are among the “Enterprise Zone” including Lowndes, Greene, Coosa, Monroes, Bullock, Winston, and other cities and towns, you will be given a chance to enjoy these tax incentives from the state. Hold on, there’s more: you may be also eligible to receive local tax and non-tax incentives when you have expanded your business within the said Enterprise Zone locations.

LLC-friendly business landscape

Lots of startups and expanding business companies prefer to choose the limited liability company (LLC) as their business structure. As an LLC entrepreneur, you want to build your startup in Alabama for its ideal privileges for the LLCs. The Alabama LLC cost is just $100 for you to form or establish one, compared to other states that cost up to $200. Aside from personal liability protection, building an LLC in Alabama allows you to have a hassle-free experience for papers and documents as the state only requires a few of them; you don’t want regular board meetings too, right? Apart from that is that you could enjoy flexible management operations as you won’t be required to have a board of directors.

Grab that economic diversity advantage

The state has greatly invested its economy firstly in aerospace, healthcare, education, banking and finance, and a spectrum of heavy industries such as mineral extraction, automobile manufacturing, fabrication, and steel production. Hence, you want to consider this inclusivity and initial investment to start your business from these niches. Since the 1960s, the state has indeed been able to build its reputation from these business sectors and are now continuously improving and evolving towards excellence among the competitors from the other states.


As lots of states are clutched with bulks of companies and corporations, you might not want to miss the opportunity of starting your business and establish its reputation in the state of Alabama. This state is indeed great for business as everyone seems to overlook it.