Prepare Your Car For Winter


The cold has already settled in USA territory and the fall in temperatures with it the winter, the Christmas holidays, the reunion of families and a significant increase in travel on national roads. We want to remind you that driving in adverse weather means increased risks that should not be overlooked: rain, wind, ice and snow will be part of the weather scenario in the coming months. To prevent unpleasant surprises during this holiday season we suggest that you professionally review your car with professional technicians.

The truth is that many of the problems encountered on asphalt during typical Christmas travels are due to the deterioration of some part of the car which, whether its a Dodge, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz or Renault, when replaced in time, can mean a small investment and prevent accidents.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind and we offer you the winter review tips, so that preparing your car for the winter gives you safe driving.


Batteries have an average life of five years, but cold weather is often responsible for its weakening, and the electrical system often resents due to low temperatures and humidity. Check the wear of your battery and if necessary to replace it.


Antifreeze liquid ensures effective engine cooling contributing to good engine maintenance. We recommend changing the antifreeze liquid at most every two years, or every 40,000 kilometers.


Good tire condition ensures better road and cornering grip, better braking response and, if you have never tried it, consider equipping your car with winter tires . You must verify the manufacturer’s recommended pressure and the depth of the rubber grooves. The minimum legal depth is 1.6mm, but we recommend changing tires when the grooves are less than 3mm.


Headlights are also a key element for good road visibility, both at night and in adverse weather conditions. Dirt often accumulates and small cracks are caused by loose stones on the asphalt. You should check these for possible cracks and repair them if any, and ensure that the headlights are clean and emit identical light beams of intensity and inclination. Focus on your vehicle’s headlights.


Due to the large temperature differences to which the windscreen is exposed during the seasons, it is common that as winter progresses, small cracks appear on the glass that must be repaired to prevent further damage.

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