Portable Blenders With SmartBlend


For most of us, the morning are always a busy part of the day. Whether we have kids or not, it always seems to be the part of the day where everything is rushed. Most of us sleep in late, or those with kids find they get up early, but never find time for themselves as they prep their children’s day. One thing that gets lost in this rush is finding time to have breakfast – arguably the most important meal of the day, some would say. There just doesn’t seem to be any time to get those well needed nutrients into the body. 

With breakfast skipped, and you out the door, it is likely that the next meal you have isn’t going to be overly healthy and will be something purchased from a café or convenience store. This isn’t the worst, but it can be better. 

That’s where SmartBlend comes in. The Australian based portable blender company, SmartBlend, are changing the way we have breakfast. As mentioned above, finding time to prepare breakfast can be a challenge for those on a tight schedule. 

Now image you had a portable blender, but still no time to fit in breakfast. That’s ok. What if you were able, during your busy morning rush, to pick up your portable blender, along with a few select fruits and take them with you. Problem sorted. Let’s assume you picked up some blueberries, and banana and some grapes. You’ve now arrived at you destination, albeit hangry due to not eating, and you’re ready for food. All you need to do, is sit at your work desk, in your car before the gym, place your fruits in the blender with a little water, and press the on button. SmartBlend does the rest. And it’s not just fruit that can be placed in the blender. The 15,000RPM stainless steel blades can even crush ice. It must be noted that if placing ice in the blender, ensure that there is also water.

In 60-90 seconds, and without the use of a charger of plug socket, you’ve now gone from hangry to happy. Breakfast has changed from a carb loaded bagel to  healthy fruit smoothie. Looks like SmartBlend has you covered. The beauty of these portable blenders is that you don’t need them plugged in at home or at your work desk. Assuming they are charged, you can use them 10-12 (per full charge) anywhere you want. For best results, it is advised to charge as often as possible for pull power blending. 

SmartBlend have even made sure that their blenders don’t look boring. These things really are a stunning piece of technology. They offer five vibrant colours to choose from – black, blue, green, purple and pink, so you can really choose the colour that best suits you. Or if you’re really feeling generous, get yourself a couple of colours! 

The blenders themselves are capable of holding 380ml, which isn’t a huge amount, but it is perfect for those who just want a snack each time. The best bit about the blender is you can drink directly from it, you don’t need to pour into a cup… unless this is your preference of course. If you do intend to drink from the cup, please ensure that the blades are turned off and your fingers are not near the ‘on’ button. 

To make it even more appealing, the blenders themselves are charged via a USB cable, which means in theory you don’t even need a plug socket. You could charge it via your desktop computer, your laptop, or even by using your mobile charger or most headphone chargers. These portable blenders can even be charged with a power bank. Full charge will take approximately three hours, but as mentioned before, this will last you between 10-12 usages. Way more than you will probably need in two or three days of smoothies. 

There are a number of these blenders on the market, but SmartBlend is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to looks and features. Be sure you check them out at www.smartblend.com.au and get yours today! 

It really doesn’t matter where you are, these portable blenders from SmartBlend serve a purpose for us all. Whether you work in an office at a desk all day, plan on taking your blender to the gym, or you are even travelling the world… these blenders are sure to help you get those nutrients in. And not just that, it doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child, SmartBlend cater for all. Of course, please do not leave small children alone with the device where blades are concerned.  

You’re probably now thinking that all these benefits above mean that the blender comes in a ridiculous price, but lucky for you, SmartBlend aren’t greedy. At just $64.99, these portable blenders are a steel! SmartBlend are so confident in their product, they are willing to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product. Simply return your SmartBlend and they will refund you the money upon receipt, hassle-free. Please note, return shipping costs are your responsibility. 

It’s not just a 30 day money-back guarantee being offered either… SmartBlend also offer a 3 month product guarantee, which means if you experience any problems with your blender (terms and conditions apply), you can return it and receive a new one at no extra cost. 

All that is left for you to do is visit the SmartBlend website at www.smartblend.com.au and pick your favourite colour. If you’re based in Australia, you can even take advantage of Afterpay. A service that allows you to make 4 simple interest free payment every fortnight if you don’t want to pay the full $64.99 upfront. And with free  standard Australian shipping, you really can’t go wrong. 

Head over to the website and get yours now!!!