Planning A Road Trip With Friends? Check Out 6 Essentials For Ultimate Fun


The summer season is the time for getting outside and taking road trips across the country. Summertime is the best season to travel because many people are on vacation and a lot of things are happening all over the country. Most people that take road trips usually ride with their families. However, friends like to travel together as well. If you are planning a road trip with your friends, check out the 6 essential things you must do to have a great vacation.

  1. Plan your Trip and Leave Room for Unplanned Activities

Planning is essential for a road trip. This is especially true if you have limited vacation time. The best way to plan your trip is to figure out where you’re going and how long it will take to get there. You should also find out what activities you will be doing along the way. Having a general idea about where you are going and how to get there will help you to plan your time wisely. It will also help to keep you entertained and from getting lost.

  1. Get your Vehicle Prepped and Ready to Go

When you take a road trip, you’ll need a dependable vehicle. You don’t want to drive 3,500 miles across the country in the bad vehicle. Has your car checked out by a professional? If you need repairs, then get them done before you head out on your trip? If the repairs are too expensive or you just don’t want to pay the money, then rent a vehicle. Travellers must select the right size vehicle for their travelling party. For example, using tyreright off-road tyres for open country driving is a good idea for this type of road trip.

  1. Figure out Sleeping Arrangements

Road trips are great, but anyone who is travelling will have to find a place to rest. People will have to figure out sleeping arrangements. Most people will stay in motels or hotels. However, this can get very expensive. Believe it or not, a lot of road trippers sleep in their vehicles.

All road trip travellers will need to make lodging arrangements. Remember, the longer you travel you are going to eventually need a place to sleep, wash up and to relax. By the way, if you have family members or know some friends staying within an area; try calling ahead to see if you and your travel mates can stay with them.

  1. Equipment, Supplies and other Road Trip Necessities

Anyone taking a road trip should pack basic supplies, equipment and necessities. Travellers should always pack an emergency first aid kit, road flares, a spare tire (or at least a doughnut) and a couple of blankets. A couple of gallons of water, a few flashlights and an extra smartphone will be helpful. A paper map that outlines your trip would also be useful.

USB charger connectors for lighter sockets are practical. Wireless charging units are also smart. Taking a gas can for emergencies is crucial. You should also pack a cooler with some snacks and drinks. Items such as wipes, napkins, hand sanitizer and even mouthwash are beneficial on long road trips.

  1. Finances for Road Trips

Road trips require money to be successful. When taking a road trip, you should have access to a universal debit or credit card. Your card should be usable at major stores, businesses and ATMs across the nation. Take more than one type of debit or credit card while you travel. Put the extra one away in a secret place inside of your car. Use it only for emergencies.

You can carry cash. You’re advised against travelling with a large wad of money. Your friends might be tempted to steal it or help you to quickly spend it up. You should also have travel insurance for any medical emergencies. Make sure to have roadside assistance that will provide you with aid no matter where you are stranded. Finally, make sure you have enough money for fuel, eating, buying stuff, lodgings and for emergency repairs.

  1. Technology is the Key to Smart Road Trips

Using a smartphone or GPS unit for travelling is wise. Bring your electronic devices so you can easily navigate to your destination and back home. Take at least 2 mobile devices with GPS capabilities. If you have GPS built into your car or subscription service; this is even better. You can also add a tracking GPS device to your car in case it is stolen if you don’t already have services set up for this type of protection.

Make sure your cell phone service is available nationally. Some carriers will not provide service in certain areas of the nation. So, call ahead and make sure you have coverage to the places you are visiting and travelling through. Your smartphone can be diversion when on the road. It can provide lots of entertainment if the trip gets boring. However, you should be focusing on your friends, the scenery and having a good time instead. Once you do this, you shouldn’t be bored at all.