Places in Romania That Lovers of Nature Will Adore


Romania is a country with lots of inspiration, thanks to its numerous natural features which include undisturbed forests and epic mountains. The Carpathian mountains, for example, run through the country’s center, creating an unforgettable view. If you are love nature, plan for Romania tours into some of the country’s virgin natural features. Below are some of the places that will impress you. 

  • Bigar waterfall

The moss-covered Bigar waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and was among the top eight unique waterfalls in the planet, in 2013. Found in Caras-Severin county, it is the most famous attraction. The waterfall is distinguished by how the water spring spreads over the moss-covered cliffand causes it to split into many shreds before it pours into the Minis River. 

  • The Moss Swamp

The Moss Swamp will remind you of a creepy horror movie as it is located in what is termed as a ‘haunted forest.’ It has been named one of the most mysterious places in the world. It is found close to the only Crater Lake in Romania, Lake Saint Ana. The swamp has moss which covers its entire ground, and a rather unusual green and spongy aspect. The plants that grow there have adapted to the swampy environment which forms a pure and wild landscape.

  • Bugeci Mountains

The Bugeci Mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountain range which runs across Eastern and Central Europe. Its peak is 2,505 meters above the Prahova valley, which is a national park and among the protected area lists in Romania. Its national park has abundant wildlife. Lately, the mountains have been rumored to habor alien occupiers, claims which are yet to be proven. Some must-see features at Bucegi are the Sphinx and Babeke rock formations which naturally occur due to erosions.

  • Danube delta

It is the second-largest delta in Europe, second to the Volga delta, and the most preserved. Its largest portion lies in Romania, and the rest in Ukraine. It is located in the Tulcea county. Danube delta hosts more than 300 bird species and 45 species of freshwater fish in its many lakes.  Popular places you may want to visit while at the delta include the Letea forest, the Enisala fortress, and Sacalin island. 

  • Balea Lake

The glacier lake is a landmark situated in central Romania at an altitude of 2,034 meters. It was formed when a glacier eroded the mountains and melted. The lake provides excellent spots for skiing, hiking, ice climbing, and cycling. Its heights, which exceed 2000 meters, provide opportunities for lovers of hiking, and there are various routes you can follow. You can also enjoy mountain biking as you get treated to some spectacular views. During winter, skiers and snowboarders take the stage on the slopes of the Carpathian. The Balea waterfall provides a great spot for ice climbers, thanks to its frozen waters.  There are also nearby accommodation places with lots of delicious food for you to enjoy. 

Romania of a hub of natural experiences that will blow your mind. Why not plan for a Romania tour to some of the above splendid destinations?