Pageant Beauty Queens Share Their Beauty Secrets


    Think of beauty pageants for a second. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Chances are that you think of physical characteristics first. A unique and gorgeous face, coupled with a slim body, plays a huge chunk in determining the winners of a pageant.

    But thankfully, the pageant setting has become more open to the concept of inner beauty. Now, intelligence, personality, and advocacy mean a great deal, too. What makes a beauty queen is the famous tag team of beauty and brains, along with the heart to inspire and change lives.

    Whether behind the scenes or on camera, beauty queens are always looking their best. And a lot of people can easily wonder how that’s the case, considering that most of us have to make an extra effort to look decent sometimes. What’s their secret? Some pageant beauty queens reveal how they look amazing all day every day.

    The Lipstick Hack by Miss Teen USA 2003

    Pageant girls look great even without makeup, but the being in front of all those lights and cameras can change their appearances. Hence, they need to wear makeup fit for the spotlight. Wearing lipstick can play a huge role in highlighting your smile – something that beauty queens have to do all the time.

    Miss Teen USA 2003 Tami Farrel shared that she wears dark-colored lipstick often since it looks better on her skin tone. It also has a knack on making your teeth look whiter and your smile bigger.

    Frequent Facials by Miss Oregon 2007

    You can’t get amazing skin overnight. It’s quite natural to get blemishes and experience skin imperfections. That’s why you have to constantly be taking care of your skin by adhering to a skincare routine or going to a professional to get a Botox special or facial.

    Kari Christensen, Miss Oregon 2007, believes that you need to get a facial at the beginning of every season. According to her, it will help reset your skin and allow it to better adapt to different weather. The result: fewer acne breakouts during summer and preventing dry skin during winter.

    DIY Manicure by Miss Winchester 2016

    Who says that beauty has to be expensive? Being a beauty queen does not mean you should buy makeup and go to the salon for treatments that costs hundreds of dollars. The price tags of your clothes or beauty products don’t matter. What counts is how you carry yourself.

    Take it from Miss Winchester 2016 Morgan Modugno. Whenever she’s on a tight budget, she opts to head to the nearest drug store to buy a box of DIY acrylic nails. Then she does it herself! Believe us, most people won’t even notice.

    Peppermint Tea Hack by Miss Rhode Island 2015

    Beauty queens may look fresh all day, as if they always get more than eight hours of sleep. But the truth is that it’s exhausting to participate in a pageant. There are tons of activities, photo shoots, and events, all of which have early call times and often require hours of travel. Beauty queens barely get enough sleep at all during the pageant season. But they don’t look like it.

    That’s because they each have their hacks to conceal their tired eyes. For the ever-glowing Miss Rhode Island 2015 Alexandra Curtis, she carries peppermint tea bags wherever she goes. She soaks two bags at night, lets them chill in the fridge, and places them under her eyes in the morning for 10 minutes. That’s how she looks refreshed every single day.

    Beauty queens may seem perfect. But they are also human; they experience the same skin and beauty problems we do. They just have their own secrets and ways of dealing with those problems.