Options To Avoid Allergic Skin Reactions Caused by Metal Watch Straps



Jewelry is beautiful and fun to wear. Your jewelry can be a symbol of your status. For example, people who have more money may wear Rolex or beautiful diamond jewelry. However, it isn’t all good. Sometimes ingredients in this jewelry, even the nice jewelry can be irritating to the skin. Nickel is well known for being irritating to skin and causing allergic reactions. In this case, there are many ways to avoid getting nickel allergies. There are options from utilizing other ingredients in your jewelry to treating the jewelry to be less irritating.

Nickel Free

There are a few options other than the nickel that your jewelry can be made from. Titanium is also very high quality and relatively expensive. But along with that titanium is fairly hypoallergenic and long-lasting. The titanium also helps prevent rusting on your watch. For people who don’t react well with nickel are likely going to find success with titanium.

Quartz is also a great alternative to metals that irritate the skin. Quartz is hypoallergenic and less expensive. Quartz is also beautiful. It has a beautiful glimmer. Another great benefit to quartz is that there are many other color options. Gold and silver are common quartz colors. They can basically process it into any beautiful color you want. So if you are having problems with skin irritation then consider one of these options.

Rolex offers many options of bands for their watches. And most are interminable. So you can use one watch face with other straps. So if the nickel in the straps is causing major irritation then consider getting rubber watch band straps. Most people do not have allergy problems with rubber. It can be a great option for anyone needing an alternative to nickel. The Rolex explorer ii rubber strap is commonly used for people struggling with allergies but still want an expensive look.

The beauty of the Rolex explorer ii rubber strap is that they are available in many colors. They are highly customize-able. They also can come in many shapes and sizes. Making them simple to match to many different wardrobes and personalities.

They are also more durable. They are long-lasting because they can stand up to more things. So are you wanting to wear your watch at work? Then the rubber straps are the way to go. Also, they are easy to clean and less likely to absorb anything that gets on them. So if you get cleaner on a rubber watch band it likely won’t stick. It can easily be cleaned off. That way it doesn’t sit between your watch and your arm and cause problems. Obviously the Rolex explorer ii rubber strap is the way to go.

Avoid Large Amounts of Nickel

Often times with allergens they are not a problem in smaller amounts. For example, if you wear nickel jewelry you may not have a problem. But if you wear nickel earrings, bracelets and have nickel in your braces and possibly your diet; you may have larger problems with the allergen. So if you are wanting to wear nickel jewelry try cutting back on the nickel in other parts of your world.

Treat Your Jewelry

If you are having trouble with the skin to skin contact of the nickel jewelry then consider getting your jewelry treated. There is a wax treatment that you can coat your jewelry in. It reduces your exposure to the nickel and the skin to skin contact. It is kinda pricey and can cause damage to the metal if not done correctly. But in the end, it can help you be more able to wear jewelry.