Online Electricity Bill Payment – A Boon of the Digital Medium


Before internet came into our lives as a benefactor, electricity bill payment was a tedious and time-consuming process. People who have been there and seen it all know what it meant standing in long queues at the payment counters under the slow moving whirling fans and in the brightly glowing sunshine. With Indian summers not too friendly, it definitely meant a lot when waiting endlessly was a way to test the patience and tolerance levels of the common man.

Thanks to the way internet has been spreading – like a wildfire – with more and more people getting comfortable with the idea of conducting online transactions; it is not far that the entire nation will go digital and choose to pay their utility bills like electricity bill payment, and conduct other important routine tasks online.

Here are few things from your daily tasks that you can easily do online:-

  1. Recharge your mobile and Direct-to-home connections.
  2. Pay for your important utility bills like mobile bills, electricity bill payment, gas, landline, broadband bill, water bills etc.
  3. Shop online
  4. Book movie tickets; make train reservation; and air ticket bookings
  5. Order food from restaurants and make hotel room bookings
  6. Recharge your metro cards and buy bus tickets
  7. Pay monthly LIC premium, school fees and even instalments against loans.

In the digital payment world, the common man is empowered like never before. From a wealthy man who is making millions of dollars to a blue-collared professional; from a worker in a factory to a farmer in rural India – each and everyone is able to feel the benefits of internet and smartphones today. Digital payments methods have no age bar, any sex bar, any education-related bar and no socio-economic constraints. The only thing that it demands from its users and customers is smartness of a different level – you need to be a smart consumer to be able to reap the real benefits of a digital payment system.

Download a reliable App from a trusted third-seller reseller like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe and use it for multi-purpose use as mentioned here. And this just the beginning – there are many other tasks that will slowly get added to this list, completely digitizing your and my life. Ensure that you download the App only from the best and a properly verified source so that you face no issues in electricity bill payment or any other online payment related task. Ensure that you use only the mobile data of the smartphone and Wi-Fi connection of your residence or office.

Digital payments can be done using your credit card, debit card, Netbanking, UPI and electronic wallet. The network is secure enough and service providers ensure that they invest heavily into making the system strong and robust. But as long as the end-customer does not take care and does his transactions with precaution, things will not be fine and there will security related aspects. The moment you let your defense down, you are vulnerable and your private information ready to be hacked by an unknown online hacker.