Myths About Armored Vehicles That You Shouldn’t Believe

The armored cars industry is speedily growing and expanding. Starting from advancements in technology to making the vehicles lighter yet stronger with more design efficiency, the changes are manifold. Right from safety from bomb to protection from bullets, the modern armored vehicles nowadays comprise of a whole pack of features that are meant to make your investment worth every penny. 

However, there are some myths about the armored vehicles that you shouldn’t fall for

  • The armored vehicles are highly expensive and are used by the wealthy segment of society. The reality is more based on logic than unnecessary myths. Affordability is a completely different aspect but most people wouldn’t even need such vehicles for protection purposes.
  • They are too heavy almost like tanks. You must have already heard from the armored vehicle manufacturers that these cars are designed to be strong but lightweight at the same time and so expecting them to be heavy like tanks is completely baseless. 
  • The make is such that bullets will bounce away from the glass or the vehicle. This might happen initially for some instances but if bullets are fired repeatedly on the same spot then after a point of time it will penetrate the glasses and will not bounce back anymore. 
  • These vehicles are meant only for government professionals or the military people. 
  • It’s not legal to own an armored vehicle. In reality, if you have a proper license for the vehicle then you can always use it and call it perfectly legal possession. 
  • A lot of people seem to believe that a bulletproof car and the armored car is the same thing. However, there’s a big difference between the two. An armored vehicle is bullet-resistant along with an additional range of ammunition to counter external attacks. 
  • Many people seem to believe that the armored vehicle is made by the dismemberment of the original vehicle. However, this is not what happens. The original vehicle just gets some additional features like ballistic steel body and bullet-resistant glasses and some other extra security features to present the brand new armored vehicle for the clients. 

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