Moving Away From Traditional Search Engines In 2020

The world’s most popular search engine Google, has been around since 1998. Over time, it has become more and more used. Nowadays there is an average of 228 million Google searches every hour. That’s an incredible number and there are plenty of other popular search engines pulling in a lot of numbers as well. 

Bing was established in 2009 and averages just over five million search inquiries per hour. While this isn’t nearly as much as Google, it’s still impressive. So why should we move away from traditional search engines in 2020? We’re going to talk about just that, as well as give you five search engine alternatives that work just as well as Google. 

Why Move Away From Google

Even though these traditional search engines are popular, there are plenty of reasons to move away from using them. The main reasons surround the privacy of the user. Did you know that Google and Bing save your private information? If you search for anything in your area, these search engines now know your location and can curate search results and advertisements based on that information. 

There is also a history of data breaches that involve things like banking information, phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses getting into the wrong hands. With the rise of technology, many homes have devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri. The majority of people even have one of those on them at all times because it’s built into their cell phone. These devices can be used by Google, especially when it comes to video or audio information. 

Unfortunately, even when you use Google once or twice, the information is logged and there is a record kept. To avoid this from happening, you’ll have to use a privacy-oriented search engine alternative. There are plenty of amazing options out there that are easy to use and won’t take ages to learn how to navigate. Why continue using traditional search engines that use your information without your knowledge when there are plenty of great alternatives available? Below you’ll see these alternatives and how they can benefit your daily life. 

New Alternative Search Engines


Hotbot is an amazing search engine that provides its users with safe and secure searching. You’ll get the latest and most accurate results from a handful of popular search engines in one place. This is a great way to see a plethora of results in an organized way. 


Swisscow is a search engine alternative to Google that uses a private server. Gone are the days of worrying about data mining or your location being tracked. Swisscow is a family-friendly search engine that works like a search engine should, without using your information against you. 


If you’re used to using Google, you may enjoy Ecosia. It looks a lot like the popular search engine, but doesn’t come with any of the dangerous privacy issues. Ecosia allows users to simply type in a search inquiry and get the results they’re looking for. Plus, the company plants millions of trees! Not a bad option to have, now is it?

When it comes to leaving traditional search engines behind, is the perfect alternative. While this search engine is still new, the kinks have been worked out and people love to use this as their go-to search engine. It’s easy to use and provides search results for any topic you may need information on. 


DuckDuckGo is hands-down, the best alternative to Google. It is a privacy-oriented search engine that you can use without being concerned about your information being stored, your location being tracked for days on end, or your credit card information being sold to hackers. If you’re looking for a simple and easy to navigate option, DuckDuckGo is it.