Modern Design for Your Home For Less


Want to decorate your home in a way that won’t go out of style? Why not try modern interior design. The distinct simplicity, and clean, minimalistic look and feel of modern design will definitely give your abode an everlasting relevance. There are many online sites you can go to for modern design inspiration – but be careful, though, as you go about your journey, even with a style as minimalist as modern design, you will soon discover that decorating a space will get expensive quickly- especially if you have both good taste but no additional budget to match. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips to help you bridge the gap between stylish and affordable as you go about designing your home.

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1 – Keep it simple

Some of the most distinct characteristics of modern interior design include monochromatic colors, geometric patterns and mid-century furniture. That being said, modern interior design shouldn’t have a lot of complicated details. Keep your tile work as simple as possible, and remove the casing around the windows. Eliminating excess trim work and intricate details are great ways to keep you on trend and help you save money at the same time.

2- Work on a focal point

You don’t have to redecorate an entire room to make it more modern. Pick a major part of a room, and work on that. For example- instead of completely redoing your kitchen, switch it up with a couple of modern barstools. How to know if a barstool is modern? Most of them have long legs, a comfortable backrest, and come in neutral colors like black, gray, and white.

3- Work on wood

The right accents are definitely important in modern homes. Wood accents are a great way to give that modern feel and are generally inexpensive. Cover your room in neutral colors like black, white, gray, or light pink, then put a wooden basket here or a wooden table there. Make sure your wood is in a soft shade, too dark might make it look traditional. Go for a soft wood shade with a gray stain, it will always give your room a modern look, and you can use as much wood as you like.

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4- Keep out clutter

Modern design puts a focus on open, uncluttered spaces. Having clean areas in your home is a sure money saver, because you won’t have to buy a lot of furniture. The less pieces, the better! If your room already has a lot of stuff you don’t want to get rid of, get wooden or stainless steel containers, tables, or bookshelves to keep your room clean and on trend. Since you don’t want to occupy a lot of floor space, work on your vertical space. Use wall areas wisely by placing storage units in a way that does not look messy or cramped. Two words that will help you on this task? Practicality and functionality.

5- Do it design

If you’ve got an artsy flair, another way you can bring more modern details into your home is to use artwork to express your creative design style. Give your home an instant fun accent with bold graphics, murals or bold symbols. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a painting and will also give your home a more personal touch.

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