Mirror storage – how to keep your mirror from breaking


A mirror is something that should be taken with extra precaution if you plan on storing it away in a storage unit. Without taking precautions, you could end up with a storage unit full of broken glass.

How to properly store a mirror

The first thing you need to do when storing a mirror is to purchase packing materials. Packing materials will be used around the base of your mirror and over the glass to protect it.

Part of the packing materials you’ll need to purchase is tape. You should take the tape and make an X from each corner of your mirror to hold the glass in place should it break.

Next, place corner guards on the corners to protect them when you move things around. During the transition from your house to the storage unit, your mirror will likely slide around a bit and the corner guards will protect the glass.

Wrap bubble wraps around the glass and then cover it with cardboard. If you have a cardboard box, that’s even better otherwise just wrap cardboard around your mirror. You can add extra protection by placing Styrofoam on top of the cardboard and taping everything together.

In your storage unit

When you get to your storage unit, be sure to store the mirror as one of the last items you place into your unit. This way you’ll have it towards the front, and nothing will fall on top of it in the process.