Mazda CX-30 is coming, but you should know this before entering the showroom


The all-new Mazda CX30 just entered into the Mazda lineup in Malaysia, and it offers refined quality in all the aspects that matter to owners. And the CX30 making stimulating new discoveries within the daily routine for both drivers and passengers.

The 2020 Mazda CX-30 will be imported from Japan, and there will be three variants for the new cx30, two engine options, all only in front-wheel drive: Mazda CX-30 2.0L on RM 143,119, Mazda CX-30 2.0L High on RM 164,119, Mazda CX-30 1.8L High on RM 173,027.

But before you enter into the showroom, here are thing you should know.

Go around the Mazda CX-30

Observe the doors, window surrounds, rocker panels, bumpers, exhaust, windshield and floor of the cx30 cabin and trunk to eliminate any corrosion defects on the new Mazda CX-30. Because after all, you want your new baby to be perfect and enjoy it all along. 

To know if the vehicle has already been damaged or not, you should check that there is no difference in color and adjustment of the different body elements for your Mazda CX-30. This is what Sylvain Girault, vice president of ANEA (National Alliance automotive experts) told during an interview with autoblog.

Detect any oil leaks

If the levels of oil, coolant, brake fluid and washer of your cx30 are satisfactory, this shows the care taken to the car. The battery must not show any white marks on its terminals. Do not hesitate to take a look under the Mazda CX-30 to detect a leak. 

Look at tire wear of the Mazda CX-30

Check that the tires do not reach the wear indicators and that they are of the same mark on each axle. If the wear is irregular, it reflects a problem of parallelism. Finally, think of the spare wheel. In addition to its condition, it must be of the same size as the other wheels under the cx30.

Control all equipment 

Check the lights, turn signals, wipers and defrost windows, everything must work just at the first sight. Turn on the heater, turn on the car radio and check the operation of the CD player and speakers. If the Mazda CX-30 is equipped with a GPS, check it by testing the correct detection of satellites and the possibility of creating a route. 

Also, you are also inspect carefully with the windows, the mirrors and the sunroof eventual. If the air conditioning does not cool down or emits an odor, you will need to schedule the gas change.  

About sealing problems

For effective control, sit in all places. Feel free to remove the seat covers to track stains, holes and other cigarette burns. Lift the floor mats to check for moisture. Condensation may reflect a sealing problem

Take the Mazda CX-30 out and drive it as long as you can

You should never buy a new Mazda CX-30 without having tried it. Before you start, remove the key and reinsert it to make sure that there is no problem with the engine. The start must be direct and the engine must display an idle speed of less than 0 rpm. 

During the drive test, don’t leave the clutch alone. You can shift the tr from neutral to fourth and slowly release the clutch pedal. If the Mazda CX-30 stalls, then everything should be just fine. Otherwise, it might cost you a new clutch. 

Finally, read the technical inspection and owner manue

You will not learn anything about the measurements made during the technical inspection, especially with regard to brakes, shock absorbers or tires. But you need to verify that the announced repairs have been completed. In the case that the dashboard of Mazda CX-30 displays more than 00 km, is not a thing you should consider, because by that, it is not new.