Maruti Nexa XL5 – Price, Launch Date, Specs, Features


Maruti Nexa is a dream car for most of the people and that is because it is very trendy and affordable with such a promising features. Now a day’s picking up good car has become your style statement where it just not shows your comfort but also reveals about your personality and choices in life. That is why Maruti Nexa has been brilliantly featured with various ones. If you are looking for the price, then it is expected to be in the price range of Rs.5.5 lakh.

Features of Maruti Nexa XL5

Basic information about the car

Fuel type – petrol

Body Type – hatchback

Engine Displacement (CC)

Service cost – Around 5 years

The spiritual successor of this car is

Besides basic features of car there are some advance features which make each car different from one another. Maruti Nexa is ready to offer those extra cheeses to serve in front of you. Here, are some lists of them –

Inside The Car

This becomes very necessary what you are going to buy when it comes to the product which you would regular use. Otherwise going to office and planning out would become suffocating for anyone. Whereas, while it comes to inside facility the seats, machines, music player and many other things. The seats are made of very good material which is ready to provide you the whole comfort. They have used PU seats which help one in sustaining for long hours. When it comes to comfy cushions they have still offering cushions on the back which can be used while seeking out for rest during long journey hours. Music player inside the car would let you enjoy your whole journey with songs, music and news or may be radio.

Outside The Car

It is equally important as inside facility. In outside facility the wheel, looks, colour and many other things is being counted. Along with Maruti Nexa XL5 these features doubles your joy. The tyres which are being used in this car are of paramount quality. There is no compromise with that tyres. Whatever models comes under Maruti it is really comfortable with tyres. Nobody knows what would come on their way, so these tyres make the journey full of comfort and enjoyable. The other major role of tyre is to give you a journey free of tiredness. This is what tyres of Maruti does. Rain sweeper is also there! Now it comes to colour, the colour of this car has been decided soothing ones which would soothes eyes and catch the attention. Rear parking sensors are one of major quality of this car.

Models Comes Under Maruti Nexa

Many famous models are part of this brand which includes its wagon R, Swift, Alto, Baleno, Drize and many more. But among all the ertiga is heart stealing one.

These features are a dream feature and it is offering more than just an ordinary feature and letting one achieve goal of buying car. The car is worth spending money and it is one of satisfying buy when it comes to car.