Looking to improve the strength of your concrete? Mesh is the answer


It should be quite evident that concrete on its own, despite its impressive density, doesn’t have what it takes to carry extremely heavy loads. Instead, the hero in these circumstances is reinforcing mesh, a metal lattice that serves to improve the tensile strength of concrete and prevent it from cracking. Reinforcing mesh helps large structures such as foundation walls, footings and columns to stay structurally sound for many years, and is always required in situations where concrete is required to carry some kind of heavy load. How should you use reinforcing mesh, though? We provide a few quick and simple tips to help you better understand how reinforcing mesh is used to complement concrete.

Knowing when to use reinforcing mesh

Although it might be tempting to use reinforcing mesh whenever you might use concrete, whether it be for your driveway or general pathways, but these kinds of surfaces do not really demand any reinforcing. You may then consider not using reinforcing mesh if you’re using an especially durable concrete, but even that would be a misguided step. So, with these two points keep the following in mind: any concrete structure that is used in any significant load bearing capacity should use mesh. When you actually decide to use mesh to reinforce concrete, there are a few other things you should keep in mind to ensure the best possible reinforcement. For steel mesh to function well as a reinforcement, it can’t simply be placed anywhere inside the concrete structure. Instead, it must be positioned directly in the centre for ideal reinforcement. In achieving this, you will also ensure that the steel will not rust, as it will be unable to be reached by oxygen.

A few tips for better reinforcement

As mentioned previously, effective placement of the mesh will not only sure better reinforcement, but will also help prevent the steel from rusting. To make this process even more successful, you should be paying close attention to the amount of mesh you use and the way in which you cut it. Because steel mesh is typically available in rolls or sheets, it is simple to cut, unlike rebar. When you’re in the market for concrete mesh for sale, it should be noted that sheets are purchased premeasured and cut, making them simple solutions for certain projects, but if you need a more tailored approach, rolls can be purchased, which are then trimmed to fit a very specific area. It’s a good idea to remember that even though the steel mesh is pliable and can be cut easily, wearing heavy work gloves is still imperative for your safety. It is important to wear these as the steel mesh has the potential to cut you and cause some damage.

Make your structures as strong as possible

There’s a reason why steel mesh is used so frequently instead of rebar – cost, ease of use and accessibility make it a superior choice in most cases. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the project you’re undertaking does actually require mesh – mesh for the sake of mesh is not always the best answer, as needless reinforcement can be a waste of money. When you do decide to use mesh, though, it is important to remember the points previously discussed, and like with any other job involving concrete, make sure to pour slowly!